It’s Time to Make a Baby!

When Deathwatch: Overkill was released, I went ahead and purchased three copies of the game–or rather, I purchased one copy and then two extra sets of the cult models from the box.  I knew that it was “overkill,”–especially because they had no rules in 40k and, when they finally released them, they were designed so you really could never use more than one box of them.   So, I didn’t get around to painting them until fairly recently.

But now, things have changed, and the rules are such that you can use the models from multiple boxes in a single force (sort of).  I say “sort of” because the characters are still listed as unique when using a Decurion detachment, but technically you could run two of those, or even mix things up with CADs or allied contingents to skirt around these rules.   And since I happen to have three old metal magi, plus the three plastic ones from the boxed set, I’m going to have to do something like that eventually…

This post is about one of those magi.

cultbabyAt one point, I assembled most of my models and took them on a trip with me so I could paint them in my free time.  Painting progress on that trip was minimal at best, and it turns out that when you just throw a bunch of models into a tub and pack them in a suitcase, you’re liable to have some breakage.  One of my Magi suffered and irreparable tear to his phalange and, as such, can no longer grasp things without an opposable thumb.

Maybe I could green stuff a thumb on him, though I feel that sort of thing would be likely to fall off again.  But then it hit me, why not model up a baby in his arm, and use that baby to cover his thumb?   The idea of him holding an infant just creeps me out, and was inspired by a drawing in the new codex.

Unfortunately, my green stuff skills aren’t terribly keen, so it’s going to take a bit of effort and a whole lot of luck.  Then again, I have five more models, so it’s not a big loss if I mess him up, right?  Wish me luck!

Image Credit: Magus with Baby image from Genestealer Cult Codex by Games Workshop

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