Metamorphs: Completed!

completingmetamorphs-1I’ve been making pretty steady progress on my cult as of late, the most recent of which concerning my Metamorphs.  Well, at this point, I’m happy to say that these models are now “complete.”

Technically speaking, they aren’t based, so they have a ways to go, but the painting process on these guys is essentially complete (I say that while completely ignoring the fact that basing generally involves gluing little bits and other gubbinz which, of course, need to painted).

But I won’t be working on basing until sometime in the Summer when I can work outside and keep the static grass from completely destroying my house.

completingmetamorphs-4I was initially very happy with myself because I essentially managed to paint all fifty of these guys over a three-day weekend.  From looking at the photos, the blending from dark to light on highlights clearly suffered as a result.  I accept this knowing how fast I painted them and how cheap they are to field.  I’m not sure it’s fair to justify these as inconsequential paint jobs because they’re merely 11 points a piece when I spend a good deal more time on a tactical marine that costs 14-15.

Granted, I could go back and work on these–especially the highlights on their leather, but I think anyone who sees them would have a hard time not calling these table top quality.  From afar, I dare say they look pretty darn good.

I still need to go back and take final quality pictures of them, but those really don’t need to happen until I get around to actually basing them.  So, again, we’re going to wait until Summer to do that.  Hopefully by that time I’ve finished all of the remaining models for my cult and Nids and can dip them “one last time” (again) and then get back around to taking another army photograph.  When I do that, I can also go through the effort to take shots for each individual squad as well.

But that’s still months away.  For now, I’ll call these guys “done” and move on to my next project… most likely characters for my cult.


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