Making Neophytes into Metamorphs

The boxes of Metamorphs from GW contain five guys and enough bits to outfit them as either Acolytes or Metamorphs.  That’s all well and good, but all of those extra bits mean that I’m paying about $8 per model on those five guys.  They also come with at least one spare body and an truckload of extra heads, plus an ample amount of arms.

prepaintmetamorphs-1In told, I figured I could stretch the bits in each box to cover ten guys, and drop my cost to about $4 each (well, more in the long term, since I had to also find bodies, green stuff, etc.)  Whatever the case, it was going to reduce my investment, and I’m all on board with that.

In my earlier post on Making Metamorph Claws, I detailed which parts I was trying to extend with green stuff press molds (in hindsight, that is an eerily similar title to this one–perhaps I should’ve called that one, “molding metamorph claws?”).  This is the point where I started actually getting off my duff and assembling the guys.

I’m happy to say that the green stuff worked–largely in the way that I expected it to.  Granted, they’re not perfect, but they’re cheap and easy.  And, most importantly, it’s a way to get extra claw bits without spending $40 each on them.  I’ve already dropped money on four boxes of these guys, so I don’t really need any more (well, to be honest, I got three of those boxes as Xmas gifts, but still…).  The only real issues that I had with the green were two fold:

  1. metamorphsThe molded torsos didn’t have enough room for the necks.  I resolved this in two separate ways: either cutting down the necks of the models and/or cutting out the top of the torso to make room for the existing necks.
  2. There were some issues with assembling the right-arm claws that come with the box on the figures.  Not all of the bodies have enough room for two arms on each side (in fact, most only have one or the other–I just lucked out that the one body I had chosen to green stuff matched up with the arm).

prepaintmetamorphs-2I also had an issue with not having enough patience to green stuff enough guys.  So, rather than spending more time making bodies and torsos, I picked up some Neophyte bodies to use as metamorphs.  They’re not perfect, that’s for sure, and honestly I thought I was picking up Acolytes from a bits seller, but I had misread the listing.  The good news is that the heads are fairly compatible–and don’t look too out of place on the smaller bodies.

The bad news?  The arm slots for the neophytes are compatible with single arms, but not the double-arms.  They just don’t have enough room on the body carved away to attach the double arms to them properly.  A true artist would’ve bothered to file them down and/or build the bodies around them.  Since these guys are fodder for an army that I essentially dip, and are 9 points a piece, I didn’ bother with that step.  I figure that the throng of limbs and bodies would obscure the detail on these sufficiently to make them look decent in my army.

I guess time will tell once I get to painting them, eh?


2 comments on “Making Neophytes into Metamorphs

    • I was pleasantly surprised at how well they came out. Granted, it’s not perfect, but saving $8 per guy eased those concerns pretty quickly…

      On Mon, Feb 27, 2017 at 3:45 PM, Warhammer 39,9999 wrote:


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