Making Metamorph Claws

hotelgreenstuff-2I’ve been a big fan of the cult since the days of 2nd edition.  Though I’ve long-since sold off that army, I’ve collected bits and pieces of it since then.  As a result, when they were re-released, I had a few models laying around, but I largely had to buy my models again.

Because of that, the vast majority of the models I own for the army are those that came with the Deathwatch Overkill box.  My compulsive nature is such that I wound up buying three sets of the game (or rather, one complete copy of the game, and two extra sets of the Tyranids that came within it), so at least I have that going for me.

And frankly, that’s almost good enough.  The box contains a bunch of neophytes, and they’re ok, but not particularly stellar, so I don’t feel compelled to buy more of those (although the banner bearer that comes in the plastic kit does look fairly fantastic).  Besides, if I feel the need to feel more, I can use my IG models in a pinch.

For the Acolytes…

Let me interject for a moment that I’m thoroughly confused as to which ones are the Acolytes and which are the Neophytes.  I preferred it when they used to call them “first gen” or “second gen.”  … grumble…

hotelgreenstuff-3Anywho, for the Acolytes (read: less human variety), they come with a bunch of close combat guys and a couple of mining lasers.  Practically speaking, I don’t foresee needing different models, other than to perhaps include some of the other weapon options.  Those weapons are expensive though, so the only time I could see myself fielding them is when I summon them (and thereby get them for free).  So, rather than to remake them all, I figure I’ll cut off the tips of the mining lasers and magnetize the ends with the various weapon options.  It won’t look exactly right, but it’ll be close enough for me–plus there’s less I need to buy or paint later.

Aberrants come across as worthless to me.  They’re nifty enough looking models, but 30 points per model for two toughness four wounds is rough.  I can’t foresee me actually wanting to pay points for these–though I guess there’s always a chance I could summon them.  The same goes with the Goliaths.  Actually, if I had them, I might use them, but I can’t justify paying good money for them–especially since I already own chimeras.

Like 8 of them.  And I have a smattering of Leman Russes and Sentinels as well, so there’s no point in buying those either.

The one thing I don’t have that I could see myself using is metamorphs.  Those guys seem pretty good.  But the downside is that the one option that seems to be the best (ie. the claw) is a singleton in the box.  So, for $40, you get 5 guys (and bits to make part of a couple of others), but only one claw.  In order to rectify that, I made a few more with green stuff.

hotelgreenstuff-1This isn’t an undertaking I partake in very lightly.  Practically speaking, I’m not sure I’ve done this before.  To some degree it’s a question of quality, and maybe some of effort, but there’s also a moral component.  Is it ok to make green stuff casts of a bit?  In the past, I’ve just ordered such bits from online retailers at some expense; however, these just aren’t available (and if they were, I have to imagine they would be quite pricey).  So, I set to work on making some of my own.

Whatever the case, I set to work making replacement arms, but while I had the green stuff out I also made some bodies and legs–figuring there were more than enough heads and arms on the sprues to make additional guys.

While I didn’t find time to paint on my work trip, jamming putty into molds took almost no time, so I got a few made up.  The quality is nowhere near what GW does, but I’d say it’s passable.  What do you think?


2 comments on “Making Metamorph Claws

  1. Looks alright to me. As far as I understand private casts are ok, you only get trouble if you sell them. Especially if the crab hands cannot be acquired elsewhere I see no problem in making a few. Doesn’t hurt anyone (because you won’t buy more sets only for the claw) and you surely will buy more GW stuff down the road.

    • Well, maybe I would buy more sets for the claw, or use bit sellers. We won’t know at this point.

      Clearly, they’re not as good as GW, but for a 7 point rank-and-file guy, I’m ok with it. I’ve made my peace. 🙂

      On Wed, Dec 7, 2016 at 3:13 PM, Warhammer 39,9999 wrote:


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