Genestealer Cult – 42 Painted Neophytes

wh39kcultpaintedneophytes-2Depending upon how you add things up, I have somewhere between 4-8 squads of Neophytes painted up at this point.  Of course, that’s nowhere near enough models for a painted cult force, but I’m hoping that–once I include the 90ish genestealers I have painted–I don’t have all that many figures left to paint before I can actually start fielding a respectable list.

wh39kcultpaintedneophytes-3Truth be told, I’m writing this post at the beginning of the month, having completed both my Dreadtober entry and these models by the 9th.  I had some travel for work this month, so I had to bust my hump to get the hobby progress completed before the trip.

Because of that, I haven’t yet gotten my codex, so I don’t rightfully know what an army of these guys truly looks like.  I suspect that I’ll need more of these, but that I’ll need far more acolytes as well.  From what I hear, these guys are roughly 5-8 points each, so I could see running as many as 200ish models in a 2,000 point game.  Frankly, I don’t have anywhere near enough figures to make that a reality, so I’m hoping to either:

  • wh39kcultpaintedneophytes-1Run smaller games
  • Eat up points with some larger units (perhaps Leman Russes?)
  • Or maybe even just ally in my Tyranids or IG.  Frankly, IG seems far more fluffy than Tyranids, but I have so many more units to choose from in my Tyranids codex that they’re the far likelier choice.

wh39kcultpaintedneophytes-4From what I can tell, these are probably going to be more effective in smaller units (big surprise there, as that seems to be par for the course with basically any unit/codex in the game).  I really should do something to make them stand out with squad markings–but then again, I didn’t do that with my IG either.  I figured with those guys that I would probably go cross eyed trying to put units away if I bothered to give them individual markings, but maybe I’m wrong…

I’m definitely pleased with these guys, especially since I knocked them out in an assembly line over the course of a couple of weeks.   The one area that I really didn’t do them justice on is the flesh though.  I thought I did a good job on the test model, but when I tried to do it in bulk, I just didn’t have the heart (or the stamina) to take the time to do them right.  It actually got to the point where I eventually just started throwing a brown wash over parts of their faces to pick out the details.  If you look closely, you can certainly see that.

wh39kcultpaintedneophytes-5But these guys aren’t supposed to win a Golden Demon.  That’s not their point.  Their purpose is to rally up and die for the greater good, so that eventually Hive Fleet Proteus can sweep over the planet, engulfing all life in it’s maw, and leaving nothing in it’s wake.

The cult needs no praise.

Only the cleansing baptism of the hive fleet washing the unclean from the world…


5 comments on “Genestealer Cult – 42 Painted Neophytes

  1. Yeah, when you’re painting fodder Units like these, it’s definitely sometimes necessary to just say “@%$# it” and start cutting some corners.

    Since this was queued, you may well have seen this by this point yourself, but from everything I’ve seen you’ve got more than enough Neophytes here. It’s the Acolytes that you really want a ton of.

    • Yeah, in hindsight, it looks like you’re right. Acolytes and Metamorphs sound like what I want to be running. Didn’t know when I started these as it was actually before the codex was released. But I’ll get to working on the others soon enough..

      On Mon, Oct 31, 2016 at 12:33 PM, Warhammer 39,9999 wrote:


  2. It’s an impressive amount of models painted to a good tabletop quality standard in a short amount of time. A few shortcuts here and there is expected, but it looks good, especially all together in the group shots.

  3. Horde armies are never Golden Daemon standard. I applied the same mentality to my Tyranids. I want them to look good but you won’t see too many highlights on the little fella’s. The army is looking good. The codex is fluff driven, which receives two thumbs up from me. I wrote a review at the Roost. Check it out.

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