Genestealer Cult – Neophyte Painting Progress Update

wh39kcultneophyteswip-5Now that Dreadtober is effectively over, I can finally get back to painting my Genestealer Cult.  When I last left off with them, I had blocked in some basic colors on the models, but there was still quite a lot left to do.

I’ve been following the scheme of my test model almost exclusively to for these guys.  In fact, I think the I’m going to use him as the baseline for my finished unit with only a couple of exceptions:

  1. wh39kcultneophyteswip-6I intend to paint the Genestealer Cult symbol on the guys in yellow.  This ties them into my Ultramarine models a little better (which makes sense, seeing as I intend to use the Ultramar PDF units to supplement the cult).
  2. For the more alien looking models, I intend to blend their skin with Ultramarines blue to match my Tyranids. (are those second generation hybrids?  I can’t remember which ones they are by name, but the ones that have more bulbous heads and rending claws).
  3. I want to work in an homage to the classic cult scheme of Purple & Yellow.  I’ll be painting the symbols yellow already, so I need to find a way to work in a little bit of purple onto the figures.

In total, these models aren’t coming out much different than my test model did–or even than my Ultramar PDF forces did.  I suppose that’s a good thing because they’re supposed to look good together.   The scheme is essentially:

  • wh39kcultneophyteswip-7Armor – Bleach Bone (with Sepia Wash)
  • Guns – Same as my Ultramarines
  • Cloth – Same as my Ultramarines (blue)
  • Skin – Varies by type (I didn’t want them all to have the same complexion)
  • Boots – Black

wh39kcultneophyteswip-8Practically speaking, these guys are progressing along nicely.  I shouldn’t have any problem getting them finished up by the end of the month.  Of course, then I still have quite a bit more painting to do before they can see the table.  Sadly, GSC models are entirely too cheap, and you need an absolutely ton of them to field on the table.  At least they can ally though, so I can use my Tyranids or IG to bolster the forces.  Maybe they’ll get to see the table sometime in November?

wh39kcultneophyteswip-9You can see in the picture to the right that I did opt to paint some bits of purple on the models.  Virtually all of them had some little bit that I could pick out in Purple (base of Liche Purple, layered up with pinks).  Some of them had ripped tabbards that worked nicely, while others I was stretching to find bits.  In those cases, I used arm bands, or wrist-wraps to tie them in.  I figured the purple wasn’t a big necessity (and might have actually been better suited to painting them different colors to use as squad markings).  Still, I thought it nice to pay homage to the classic 2nd edition cult look.

Far be it from me to be nostalgic for 2nd edition, eh?




6 comments on “Genestealer Cult – Neophyte Painting Progress Update

  1. Their suits remind me of the space suits from the 1st Alien, ‘specially in that colour. So cool, and I admire your choice to go old school with your paintwork!

    • Shhh. I actually knocked these guys out in about a week. Assembly line painting isn’t so bad to me, after painting all of those Tyranids.

      On Fri, Oct 28, 2016 at 9:05 AM, Warhammer 39,9999 wrote:


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