Genestealer Cult – Painting Progress

wh39kcultneophyteswip-1With the release of the new Genestealer Cult codex, I’m hurriedly painting up an army to field.  Of course, I’m trying to do so while not neglecting the Dreadtober event, so it’s hard to juggle the projects and give them each the appropriate amount of time.  That’s more of an obligation though, while the cult is my newfound passion.

At least that’s what I’m telling myself.

I worked up a test model a couple of weeks ago and put out a call on Twitter for feedback and received surprising little.  I figured that with the impending release of the codex and the buzz surrounding one of the most clamoured for army released in a long time, there would’ve been some constructive criticism out there.  I guess the blog itself is a better stage for that–but I had a bunch of posts queued up that I wanted to push out in a timely fashion before I got to the cult.

wh39kcultneophyteswip-2Without clear guidance of where I could improve, I set forth painting these guys to the same scheme as I did on the test model.  If you recall, the scheme is supposed to be some sort of blend between the one I used for my Imperial Guard and the one that I use for my Tyranids.  Of course, the link I provided for the Tyranids is pre-dipped, so they don’t have a lot of detail on them.  It also means that I have to decide whether I’m going to dip the cult members to make them more like the Tyranids or just straight paint them like I did for the IG.  With the test model, I tried to straddle the line by just applying a watered down sepia wash to the armor of the model to emulate the effect of the stain.  Granted, it’s not going to come out identical, but it doesn’t need to be–just similar enough that it looks like they have some cohesion.

Given the minor success I had with the test model (and my aversion to touching stain if I can at all avoid it), I’m guessing that I’ll forgo the dip on these guys and just hand paint everything.  wh39kcultneophyteswip-3That means that I’ll have considerably more painting on each model, but I really expect that.  With the Tyranids, it’s all basically flesh and carapace with little splashes of color for tongues and teeth.  With that in mind, they paint up quickly.  With these cult members, there’s so much more variety: armor, skin, gun, clothing, boots, icons, etc.  These guys are just going to necessarily take more painting.  Yes, it will be more simple to accomplish with dipping, but I don’t know how much more simple…

As for painting, I definitely have my work cut out for me.  I purchased a boxed set of Deathwatch Overkill, and then found a deal that was too good to pass up for two more sets of the cult models from the box.  With 36 models in each box, I have to paint 108 figures (assuming I don’t buy anything else, and don’t want to paint up any tanks for these guys–both of which are clearly faulty assumptions).  So, in order to get them done, I figured I had to break them down in some way.

wh39kcultneophyteswip-4The right answer might have been to break them into squads of 10 so that it was reasonable–but far be it from me to be reasonable.  Instead, I wound up picking out all of the figures that were on normal 20mm bases and had guns.  That way, everything I was painting was going to be similar, and I could start the assembly line process.

It’s been a while though since I’ve painted in this fashion, so I forgot just how long each step takes.  Clearly there are going to be a couple of WIP posts on these guys, as progress is fairly slow.

At this point, I have them all painted with bone armor, red guns (two coats of red at least, they still need a wash and a final highlight), blue cloth, brown pouches, silver bits, and some of them have flesh on them.  I actually stopped on the flesh parts because I want to ensure that I get a mix of races (they can’t all be white guys, right?) and because I seem to have run out of Ultramarine Blue so I can’t paint any blends on the more mutated hybrids (first generation?  I can’t ever seem to remember which ones are first or second generation)…

They’ve come a long way, but there’s still a long way more to go.  But for now, I’ll take a break and shift back to my dreadnought.  More to come on that later!




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