Genestealer Cult Test

wh39kculttest-1I tend to write blog posts in spurts.  So, in most times I have a bit of a queue for upcoming posts that just haven’t gone live yet.  To give you an idea of how big that queue is and how far in advance I’m working, I just found out that they’re due to release a new Genestealer Cult codex this Friday, September 19th.

The thing is that I’m just one guy and blogging is ancillary to my hobby experience, so I try to write two posts per week.  So, with my existing queue and normal schedule (I typically push out posts on Monday and Wednesday of any given week) this won’t go live until November.  By that time, I would hope that I’ve committed to a scheme (and likely done a fair bit of progress on the rest of my models).

That makes for a problem when I’m looking for some advice.  The point of this post is supposed to be asking for assistance with color schemes, so what’s the point then if I get advice after I finish painting them up?  wh39kculttest-2Of course, I could go back and change some subtle things, mind you, but the bulk of them should be complete, and I’m not the sort to repaint existing models when I have so many unpainted ones laying around…

What I typically do in this situation is to re-arrange the queue in order to get this out earlier.  Unfortunately, that’s a bit of work because basically all of the posts between then and now are inter-related.  So, changing the posts isn’t simply a matter of changing the times/dates that they go live.  Instead, I’d also have to change all of the links between the posts–and that’s not something I’m really into doing.

Instead, what I did was turn to Twitter–which is something I’ve been doing more and more as of late.  I’ve started sneaking in more Work in Progress type shots in there, and asking for some feedback.  That way, I can get some quick feedback about my progress.  To date, I’ve gotten a few likes and retweets, but no constructive criticism–so I’m still open to new ideas.

The plan for these figures is to make them bridge the gap between my Imperials and my Tyranids.  The Imperials are painted in the scheme of my Ultramarines (which is really a variation on Cygnar Blue Highlight), while the Tyranids are (ironically) painted with Ultramarines Blue.  That leaves a bit of a dilemma as to how to make the colors line up.

wh39kculttest-3A bigger issue is that I dip my Tyranids and not my Imperials–so how do I achieve an effect between the two?

When I looked at the model, I figured I could answer both of the questions in logical fashion.  My marines have blue armor and beige jumpsuits.  That would be nice to tie in to my cult, but all of the lines in the armor mean that it will take stain/wash so much better than the clothing would.  Besides, the scheme on the Tyranids is basically the inverse of the IG: bone armor and blue flesh.

With this in mind, I decided to stick with the bone armor, and then left the jumpsuit to be the same blue as my Ultramarines.  I went with a watered down Sepia wash from Vallejo for the shading, (the first attempt was on his left knee-pad and it wasn’t watered down at all–leaving it far too dark).

wh39kculttest-4The flesh was dwarf flesh washed in a watered-down blue ink (to give them a sickening hue) and then a final highlight of elf flesh to give him a little depth.  I kept the boots black to tie in with the guard, and used red weapons.

The end result seems to be about the effect I wanted: halfway between the guard and the bugs.  I wish the ink on the armor would’ve pooled up like the stain does, but maybe he shouldn’t be so slimy looking?  So maybe I should stop short of washing the armor and just dip the entire thing?  Or maybe I can hit him with some semi-gloss on his armor after I’m finished?

I don’t know… I just don’t know.  This is the kind of thing that leaves me indecisive and not wanting to continue.  Any advice out there?


5 comments on “Genestealer Cult Test

  1. Sorry bud, I’m just not sure, if I think of anything I’ll pipe up. Till then if you’re not happy with it (trust your gut) them keep testing new schemes out. At least, that’s what I do, sure you might slap pal, to forehead a few times but better that than losing interest.

  2. I think the color combos work perfect, the hybrid provides an awesome transition into your imperial troops. this way you could use the guard as both support for the marines or the cult. The skin looks awesome on him too.

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