Genestealer Cult, Ho!

wh39kcultprimed-2In a recent post, I explained why it was that I was painting my Ultramarine flyers and not something else.  After all, I do have a number of models just laying around collecting dust.  Long story short, it’s because it was deemed that these particular models would be the largest asset to me in regular games of 40k.  Second place in that category belonged to my new Genestealer Cult models; however, as they lack a proper codex, they’ll likely see the table less in standard games of 40k.

Besides, for them to hit the table, I basically would need to paint up all of them, whereas flyers I can field onesie-twosies.

So, with all of those flyers being completed, I found myself looking for the next thing to paint.  Probably the most logical next step is my squad of Deathwatch that I have been “working on” since the original rules were released for them back in 3rd/4th edition–especially because they’re already halfway painted up.  I could also be working on my Imperial terrain that has only managed to be primed at this point, or my Tyranid Bastion that desperately needs to see some paint…

But for some reason, I decided to spur off in another direction and work on my Genestealer Cult.  I’ve loved these guys since 2nd edition, though I won’t spend my time waxing nostalgia on the subject as I already did that in an earlier post.

Rumors are crawling around the internet that these guys may soon see a supplemental codex, and it would be nice to have them ready for play at that time.

wh39kcultprimed-1There’s some debate as to how I should paint these up.  Practically speaking, I want them to bridge the gap between my Tyranids and my IG (used as Ultramar Planetary Defense).  So, I know the basic color schemes, but the real question winds up being how do I handle dipping them?  I could probably go either way on them, but I’d like them to look consistently good with either army.  The best looking result might be to paint them up normal and them somehow get the dip to only apply to the fleshy tones on the model.  Given that I use house stain, that might be a difficult effect to pull off.

Perhaps I need to do up a test model to see how things will work?  I should have enough, seeing as I purchased the base boxed game (Deathwatch Overkill), plus two additional sets of these guys.  My friend, Brandon was goodly enough to assemble virtually all of them for me (we omitted the extra copies of the characters because it seemed less likely that I would be able to field multiples of those), so I just spent a couple of nights cleaning up the flash on them, and then primed them up.

So it’s not a whole lot of progress, really, but it’s enough to warn of things to come… I will go out on a limb and say that–within 5 years–I will have a painted genestealer cult force!



15 comments on “Genestealer Cult, Ho!

    • Yeah–I just had a backlog of posts I was trying to work off. I wound up priming these guys before the codex was announced (or even rumored) because it seemed like a good thing to focus my efforts on. I’ve already started painting them, so that’s good, but I think I’m going to want to likely convert up some of these with the new weapons so I don’t have to buy tons of new models. I’ve already pre-ordered one of the new sets, so I can see how they’ll work together.

      On Wed, Oct 5, 2016 at 10:11 AM, Warhammer 39,9999 wrote:


    • You think so? Obviously, I haven’t played with them–nor have I seen any battle reports (or even read the codex), but my impression is that they’ll be fairly run of the mill. They have a lot of good things going for them, but the bulk of the army seems to revolve around cheap hordes and dependence on the ambush table. Cheap hordes are good because I don’t think enough people play ant-infantry in numbers, so it will be good to see people use heavy bolters, whirlwinds, etc. more. But dependence upon that ambush table seems like it could prove problematic.

      On Wed, Oct 5, 2016 at 3:35 PM, Warhammer 39,9999 wrote:


    • So, it’s been a while and presumably you’ve gotten some games in with/against the army. How is it shaping up? Is it as competitive as you thought it would be?

      On Wed, Oct 5, 2016 at 3:35 PM, Warhammer 39,9999 wrote:


      • No making the lists has shown me that the price tag for this list is out side what I can afford. All I have is theory right now. Some of the players are working on it but there is more demand than there are model kits right now.

        Besides I am married with 3 kids now and have little if any time to play any more. I have even started selling off models that I have no hope of playing with again.

      • Well you go to Vegas looking for a good time gaming and find the 40k scene is on the downswing. So you give online dating a try. Now you have a Beautiful little girl one and a half years old, a 17 and 14 year old marching band geeks step kid and a loving wife who is getting run ragged buy all three kids. So I half to help out and there goes 40k time at least until school is out for summer again.

  1. The new codex is very good. GSC can be anywhere they want on the table with the new ambush rules and with the return to the dark rules they can redeploy each turn if they want to. If your running the decurion you get back 1d6 models lost per unit. So lose the guy with the rock drill or Las cannon team? Take a steep into the dark and get a replacement and get back into the fight.

    I see a big benefit to the game over as the GSC will cause the meta to shift to deal with the new way it can deploy and show up from reserves. You will see weapon shifts and list change ups to deal with them. A 5 man scout squad sitting in the backfield is not safe at all.

    • Good to see you, Mangles; I didn’t know that you still read the blog.

      I still haven’t played a game (my codex hasn’t even arrived yet), so I can’t speak to how good they are. They still strike me as a middle of the road codex. I like that they’re significantly different than any of the other lists, but am not as optimistic as you are about how powerful the ambush rules are. Sure, they can disappear and pop up again later, but you have limited control over where they appear. I suspect it will be a really powerful option to allow you to grab uncontested objectives in your backfield, or–as you say–to harass soft objective holding units of your opponents. The units by and large are not overly powerful though, so I’m not sure how well a unit of GSC would be against even a unit of marine scouts.

      Have you played a game with them yet? I’m curious to see how they’ll fair.

      • I am not sure it’s a top tier codex. But it’s a codex that will force top tier lists to chang to be ready to deal with it. Some units can’t stand up to a good assault uinit. Like warp spiders, 5 or less jet bike units, scouts squads, and the normal deck chair units. The best save in the codex is a +4, so gravity weapons won’t hurt to badly. GSC could set up in a corner and turn two pull everything out and redeploy all anywhere on the table.

        Downsides are that their troops are not heavy troops, they will not satand up to hevy fire. But so what there are lots of codex that have the same problem and they handel it two ways. Big units, GSC can do that. Lots of small units aka MSU, GSC can do that as well.

  2. OK wife and kids have are keeping me busy but I got free for now. This is my though as a good starting point for a gene stealer cult.

    Cult Insurrection Detachment 1830 points of 1850
    Broodcoven (275)
    Patriarch: Mastery Level 2, 2 Genestealer Familiar
    Magus: Mastery Level 2, 2 Genestealer Familiar

    Lords of the Cult (65)
    Acolyte Iconward

    Neophyte Cavalcade (470)
    Neophyte Hybrids 11 men, 2 Grenade Launcher, 1 Autocannon weapon team, Chimera
    Neophyte Hybrids 11 men, 2 Grenade Launcher, 1 Autocannon weapon team, Chimera
    Leman Russ: battle cannon, heavy bolter
    Scout sentinel: heavy flamer

    Subterranean Uprising (630)
    Hybrid Metamorphs: 5 men, 5 Metamorph Claw
    Acolyte Hybrids 10 men
    Acolyte Hybrids 10 men
    Acolyte Hybrids 10 men
    Acolyte Hybrids 10 men
    Aberrants 8 men, 8 power hammers

    Subterranean Uprising (380)
    Hybrid Metamorphs: 5 men, 5 Metamorph Claw
    Acolyte Hybrids 10 men
    Acolyte Hybrids 10 men
    Acolyte Hybrids 10 men

    ok my thoughts on how I would play this.
    Neophyte Cavalcade gets deployed as a fire base. You need to have something on the table are units are jumping in and out of reserve. Also you need to have something for the appoints army to shoot at as your other units bounce on and off the table.

    The Subterranean Uprising is used for the bulk of the army because it lets you role 2D6 on the ambush table and take your choice. Unless you have a Primus in one of the units, then that unit gets to role 3D6 and take their pick.

    The 2 Hybrid Metamorphs units are intended to go APC hunting, with the Claws they are S6 and 4 attacks on the charge and should be able to take most APCs back armor out.

    The 7 10 man Acolyte Hybrids are your main army units, each unit will have 40 attacks on the charge at I4 with frag grenades, and rending.

    The 8 Aberrants and all the HQs form a light death star that will have 4+ FNP, Fearless, Hatred, Adamantium will, fleet, Counter attack, preferred enemy. The Aberrants will have 2 base attacks(4 on the charge from hatred) with S8 AP2 concussive with the power hammers, as well as preferred enemy. The Patriarch will be swinging at I7 with 6 attacks on the charge at S6 AP3 rending & shred (4 base, 2 hatred) so this should thin out a unit so the Aberrants can mop up.

    Its got some spam in it but I think it fits the fell well, there are 20 points left to spend and lots of places to trim points. what do you think?

      • Thanks for the correction on the USR. I don’t get play munch any more and some of the rules are slipping.

        I was against the brood cycle because of bookkeeping. Thrying to keep the same tipe of units that have different rules on the subterranean uprising table is a good way to cheat with out intending to. k

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