Ultramarine Flyers Finished: Stormraven #2

wh39kstormraven2-3In perhaps the last in what has come to be almost a series on painting progress for the various flyers in my Ultramarines army, I wanted to go over the second of my Storm Ravens.

If you haven’t been following along through recent blog posts, this is my sixth flyer I’ve painted up, and is actually the last one that I own (at the moment), so now that I’m finished painting them all, the only thing left to do is to base them (or potentially buy more, right?).  I don’t foresee any purchases in the immediate future, so I suspect that the only additional posts you’ll see on the subject are ones about basing–and hopefully a battle report or two.

There was some debate about what color I should paint this.  I know that I go into that sort of dilemma often enough, but this one I had more to debate than “what parts do I paint yellow?”  Instead, I was wondering whether I should paint it yellow at all, or if I’d be better off painting the accent colors white instead.

wh39kstormraven2-2The problem with Storm Ravens is that I just haven’t played with them–or against them–in my lifetime.  Granted, as of the time I’m writing this, I have at least one game under my belt using one, and I seem to recall playing against Tony’s way back in 2012 (man, it sure can be handy to have documented battle reports for every game I’ve played since 2010…).  But aside from that, it’s just ancillary stuff that involves Apoc games (of which I’ve historically ignored flyers because of their insane durability and mobility).

So, what kind of units would I put inside them?  Certainly I’d put various “normal” marines in them, but is putting Vanguard or Sternguard inside them viable?  Viable enough that I’d want to dedicate one of the two models I have to that scheme?

Not that it matters a whole-helluva-lot, since it’s just a marking, and doesn’t really affect the way that the game is played, but it’s the kind of thing I think about.

wh39kstormraven2-1As you can see, I ultimately decided not to paint them white–figuring that the yellow at least matched the rest of my army.  I did though, opt to change the yellow markings up a bit.  I didn’t want them all to be the same, so I went back to searching Google for alternate paint schemes.  The one I decided on was essentially exactly the same as the old scheme, but it also included a yellow stripe across the wings and yellowfying the spot for the retractable rear landing gear.

I’m not 100% sure “yellowfying” is an official word in the English language, but hopefully I conveyed the idea that I “made them yellow.”  EDIT: “Yellowing” apparently is actually a verb, but it isn’t nearly as evocative.

The end result is a little heavy on the yellow, but I think it largely falls within the exceptional limits.  Of course, it’s at the high end of what I’d deem exceptional, but it doesn’t look so out of place that I feel like I want to repaint it (except when I look at it dead on–and that makes me wonder a bit…)

I also opted to make the turret red.  There’s far more to that story that I’ve included.  The real story involves painting the turret red and then systematically removing and replacing it with the blue turret from my other Stormraven until I was certain about which one it looked better upon.

wh39kstormraven2-4That doesn’t sound nearly as painful as it was in actuality because the turrets are not user friendly for these things–at least not on both of the models I have.  Granted, both of my models came pre-assembled, but they both came from different people, so I have to assume it’s really a flaw in the overall kit.  I’d be curious to hear feedback from others though.  For both of mine, the turrets were super difficult to both add/remove, and turning them is a bit of a nightmare as well.  So, once I got it into the desired position, it was a real bear to twist it back off.

The other difference between this one and the others is that the doors on this were not glued on.  Well, they were initially, but I the glue that bonded them wasn’t exceptionally strong and the engine cleaning fluid I used when stripping them weakened the bond enough that I was able to remove them and magnetize options for them.

To achieve this, I just glued spare bits of sprue on the inside of the model and hollowed out enough space to put a magnet in the middle.  That way, I can use some doors that I’ve already painted up and magnetized for my rhinos and save a little money.

And anyone who knows me, knows I’m all about saving money…



4 comments on “Ultramarine Flyers Finished: Stormraven #2

  1. It’s certainly very yellow! Probably a bit too much for my tastes, but it is pretty accurate to old school ultras.

    I can attest to the hugely annoying nature of the turret on the storm ravens, it’s not just you, nor the people who assembled them before you.

    • Yeah, it’s a little too yellow for my tastes as well, but my concern for that wasn’t as strong as my concern for repainting it. If you think that’s too yellow, don’t look up my bastion or Aegis defense lines–they have more yellow and it’s brighter…. 🙂

      And thanks for the info on the turrets. It makes sense, because I bought them from two different guys, so what are the odds that both of them screwed something up? It made more sense that the kit was fundamentally flawed in some way.

      On Mon, Oct 3, 2016 at 7:08 AM, Warhammer 39,9999 wrote:


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