More Painted Stormtalons

wh39kstormtalons2-3For a recent Apocalypse game, I had aimed to paint up all of my flyers and drop them all on the table at one time.  I figured this would be a pretty big deviation from previous games, as I’ve never fielded a flyer before, so this wouldn’t be anything my opponents would be expecting.

Truth be told, there was some debate as to what models I’d be painting for the game, or even what army I’d play.  All I knew originally is that I was going to play one of my two armies (Imperials or Tyranids) and I wanted to use this game as an excuse to paint up some models.  My original thought was that I’d either paint up some Ultramarine vehicles, Imperial Fortifications, or possibly some Tyranid models (most likely my Tyranid Bastion, or some Genestealer Cult figures).  I think I was leaning towards the cult honestly, but a friend of mine convinced myself that they would see the table less frequently than other units, and that my flyers, would be more likely to see the table in general games, and it would add another dynamic option for me when I play my marines (who have relatively few vehicles at their disposal normally).

wh39kstormtalons2-1So I went with the flyers to start off with.  The storm talons were smaller and so they got tackled first.  Perhaps the smarter move when doing these things is to paint up just what I plan on using in a normal game and then moving on to another type of unit; however, that’s not how my brain works.  I’d much rather paint up all of a particular type of model/vehicle before I start working on another type.  With that in mind, I actually painted up all four Storm Talons before I moved on to the Stormravens (despite what my order of blog posts would seem to indicate–when I get a backlog like this, I just like to mix things up to include a little variety in my posts).

You can find the first two Storm Talons I painted in my earlier post on the subject, followed shortly thereafter by a post on my first Storm Raven (expect the second storm raven in an upcoming post as I’ve completed that too by now).

wh39kstormtalons2-2These models aren’t practically that much different than the first two.  Sure, there are some subtle differences as to the paint job, or the positioning or types of brass etch that I put on each model (for instance, each of the four has some sort of emblem on the right side of the tail that’s different:  an imperial eagle, iron cross, omega, etc.), and each has a subtle difference on the number and length of the broken antennae (I spoke about this in the previous post), but they’re essentially the same models.

The only real difference is that a number of them (one from the last batch and one from this) have their weapons glued in place.  In this case, the model with Lascannons on it, has them firmly cemented on.  Perhaps I could’ve snapped them off and done up some putty work to cover the breakage, but I figured it was best to leave them in place.  Besides, both the lascannons (in this post) and the missiles make for good choices, so I don’t feel slighted that these are glued in place.

Oh, for those that are wondering, one of the other flyers had it’s missiles glued in place as well.

wh39kstormtalons2-4Since they came used, I didn’t have all of the appropriate weapon options for all of the flyers, so I couldn’t use the same style of missiles for all three flyers (excluding the lascannon one, obviously).  But I don’t foresee that being a huge issue.  As long as I can tell my opponent that all of them armed with missiles are using XYZ rules, that should be adequate, right?

So that just about does it for my flyers.  I do have one more post to come on my other Stormraven, and I need to eventually work on the bases for these, but for now I think they’re playable (at least I hope they are, seeing as I’ve actually played multiple games with them).

More to come on both of those at a later date…



2 comments on “More Painted Stormtalons

  1. Looking good.

    Having all these flyers painted up is impressive. I hate painting vehicles. So much flat surface, so many things to highlight…ug. You have my admiration for plowing through, what, 5 flyers?

    Oh, these are equipped with the unjink upgrade, right? 😉

    • Everything in the army can jink and unjink at will–it’s an undocumented Ultramarine chapter tactic.

      Actually, I painted up all four of the talons for the Apoc game. My original intent was to paint up all six flyers (two ravens) for that game, but I petered out. Typically, after a paint-a-thon prep for an Apoc game, I’m burned out for a while, but I had enough inspiration to go back and paint up the last two. I jumbled around the posting order so I could explain why they were painted in certain battle reports. The last raven goes up next week, and then on to the cult!

      On Wed, Sep 28, 2016 at 6:50 AM, Warhammer 39,9999 wrote:


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