Ultramarine Flyer Progress: Storm Raven #1

wh39kstormraven1-1In May of this year, I had taken a few models that have been collecting dust on my shelf for a few years and cleaned them up to prepare them for painting.

Holy cow, has it really been since May that I stripped my flyers?  Where does the time go?!  Of course, the intent at the time wasn’t merely to strip them, but they fell by the wayside.  I can’t say exactly why that happened, but suffice it to say that life got in the way.

In preparation for an upcoming Apocalypse game (which has come and gone completely by now, but you can read about it here), I figured I’d try to get all of my flyers painted.  I did manage to get my Storm Talons painted for the game, but I couldn’t muster enough effort to get the larger flyers done, so those took a back seat.  Well, after looking at these models sitting around in the garage for several years, and then sitting around my house waiting for paint, I figured now was the time and broke down and made some progress on these as well.

wh39kstormraven1-2The scheme is basically the same as I used for my Talons–which is basically just the same scheme as I use for any Ultramarines vehicles: Paint it blue with edge highlighting and then accent various areas in yellow.  Then, throw in some red weapons and an occasional white Omega, and you have yourself an Ultramarine.

There’s some debate about what areas of the model to highlight, but I wound up turning back to the internet on that one. There are a bunch of examples of painted Stormravens online, so I had many to choose from.  I liked the ones that included three color variations, but didn’t know what to use for that third color.  I also really liked the models that included stripes and free-hand painting, but I didn’t want to spend a long time on these.

In the end, I opted for a clean looking scheme that picked out a few basic areas and painted them yellow.  Like the smaller flyers, I wanted to put accents on the ends of the wings and tail, so it just meant that I had to pick out some other areas to do the major color accents, and that left me with the cockpit and front-engines.

There isn’t too much fancy work going on with the rest of the model though.  It had a shield/crossed sword motif on the side that the previous owner had crafted.  T think he cut the shields themselves out of plastic card, but the swords are from a kit (I get the feeling that they’re from a vehicle upgrade kit–perhaps the Dark Angels one?).  They’re actually not big enough to extend fully behind the shields, so he cut them down and then glued them in place with a gap.  You just can’t see that because it’s nicely obscured by the shield.  I painted them red to give an accent to the piece.

wh39kstormraven1-3I know the shields look rather plain as is, and they need some sort of embellishment.  I’m just not sure what to do with them.  Of course, I could throw an Omega on there and call it a day, but it I think it would look better with a white diagonal stripe on it (and then, perhaps, a blue omega on it?).  Some nice freehand of <insert space marine kind of thing here> would work too, but I just can’t figure out what that would be.

Rather than let indecision paralyze me again, I just painted them red and then pushed on to get the rest of the model finished.  I can always go back and paint the shield later, right?

Well, we’ll see if that ever happens…



2 comments on “Ultramarine Flyer Progress: Storm Raven #1

  1. Hey Rob.

    The flyers are looking good! I’m glad to see that the shields worked out for you. And yes, they were probably DA swords… I was drowning in DA upgrade kits after I built all my bikes.

    The shield was added to cover a problem that occurred when I accidently melted part of the area below…a long story, and I don’t recall what I was trying to accomplish at the time. Lol.

    • Fantastic. I didn’t recall who I got each flyer from, but it’s great to have that feedback of what happened and why.

      When I wound up stripping the model, the shields fell off, and I don’t recall seeing any real problem beneath that they were covering. I only put them back on because it was well done and it made the model that much more unique. I got your stormtalons painted up as well. No progress on any of the IG I picked up from you though… maybe the new Genestealer Cult stuff will inspire me to paint some of that in the near future though…?

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