Finally Painting my Stormtalons

wh39kstormtalons1-5I first started writing this post in early July, but wound up mothballing it for some reason.  Most likely that was because I didn’t have any proper photos on hand to show my progress, and therefore didn’t know exactly what to write about.

Now, months later, I’ve completed painting my Storm Talons, and have lost whatever perspective I had when originally writing this post.  Of course, I could just make something up and no-one would be the wiser, but I figure why not write about my hobby experience the way things actually work?

It’s not all that uncommon that I do this: start a project, and then shelve it for some reason.  Some of those things might sit in a box for years (I actually still have a tote full of Chaos models that I won as a prize for painting my Falcon grav-tank back in the late 90’s.  Sadly, since it’s been so long since Chaos has gotten any real love, most of those models are still the most current versions available).  wh39kstormtalons1-1Most of the time, if I give it enough time, these projects tend to come to fruition though–sometimes that takes half a decade (like in the case of my buildings).  So, if you think about it, three months is practically super-sonic in my world.

When we last left off, I had been prepping some of my flyers for a list in our latest Apoc game, and though I didn’t complete all of them, I did make some progress towards that goal.  My two Storm Ravens were still barely primed, but I had managed to paint all four of my Storm Talons.  Typically, I would try to put up a post about the fully painted models prior to actually using them in a game (or at least prior to posting the battle report containing them), but this one slipped through the cracks.

wh39kstormtalons1-2There wasn’t a whole lot of debate as to how I was going to paint these guys, but that does generally inject a delay into the process.  I typically want to go through and figure out the entire scheme before proceeding, which often leads me to throw up my hands in frustration and then eventually move on to something that takes fewer decisions.  In this case, I knew that I wanted to paint them all similar and that they would be primarily blue with yellow accents and red weapons.  That’s the standard for anything with an Omega in my army, so that much is a given.

The only real question is which parts should be picked out with the yellow highlights.  I wound up looking for examples around the internet, and really liked the ones where people had painted the front of the engines in a contrasting color, so I knew I was going with that.  I also didn’t want there to be too much yellow throughout the model, so I ultimately decided to go with just smallish accents on the wings and tail.

All six of the flyers (two Stormravens and four Stormtalons) were already assembled when I’d gotten them, and two-thirds of them were already painted in some scheme.  That meant that many of them already had paint on the hatches (most, but not all of which, had come off during the stripping process), and many of them were already glued in place.  wh39kstormtalons1-3This meant that it was going to be difficult to paint the insides of the cockpits, plus I was up against a deadline for the impending Apoc game.  All these things considered, I wound up just priming the entire cockpit black and then painting streaks on it to act as highlights.

Most of the weapons on the flyers were magnetized (in fact, I think pretty much all of them except for the fact that one Storm Talon had dedicated Lascannons, one dedicated missiles, and one of the Storm Ravens also had a dedicated missile launcher.  I wound up magnetizing all of the other options and painting them along with the flyers.

Since they were used, it meant that they also came with some battle damage on them.  You’ll see more of this when I get to the Storm Ravens, but if you look at the antennae on the back of these smaller flyers, you’ll get an idea of what I’m talking about.

wh39kstormtalons1-4Of the four total models, only one of them has all three antennae fully in tact.  I had contemplating trying to glue some of the pieces back on (at least the ones that I had, some of them were missing entirely), or possibly trying to make new ones out of plastic rod.  That all seemed too much like work though.  My next thought was that maybe I should cut them off completely, but that seemed like it was going to look completely out of place.  I finally settled on leaving them as-is because it was a fairly small cosmetic issue, and added a little bit of variety to the models.

At least that’s what I tell myself.

Each of these has a little unit number on the left wing from the Ultramarine brass-etch sheet (courtesy of Forgeworld).  I figured that would be a good way to distinguish them on the table-top as each of them is essentially painted the same.

So there you have it, four painted flyers.  Granted, their bases still need to be done, but I figured that I could at least play with them like this, as my personal rule is that the model has to be painted before I can play with it–not necessarily based.  Though that will come in time too…




4 comments on “Finally Painting my Stormtalons

  1. A nice clean paint job. Well done.

    I think where you placed the colors was a good choice as well. The yellow accents well, while the red really draws your eye to the business end.

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