Apocalypse 2016: The Rules

In an earlier post I had gone over some of the rules for personal objectives we used during our most recent Apoc game.  Most of the other rules were just cut and paste from previous games, but I figured I’d write up a post on them for historical value.  Those rules are as follows:

  • Apoc2016Photos (20)Rules for Terrain:
    • Moving up or down the larger hills is considered difficult terrain, but does not add additional distance required to traverse them. (ie. If you’re immediately adjascent to a hill, you can go up it for 1″, but have to roll for difficult terrain)
    • All buildings that start on the table are considered ruins (4+) for this game.
    • The Ultramarine statue counts as an Imperial Statuary and conveys the following rules:
      • A model from the Armies of the Imperium (IG, SM, Adeptus Mechanicus or SoB) that is within 2″ of Imperial Statuary terrain has the Fearless special rule.
      • A model in cover behind Imperial Statuary has a 3+ cover save.
    • The Golden Demon statues counts as a Chaos Statuary and convey the following rules:
      • A model from the Armies of the Chaos (Demons or CSM) that is within 2″ of a Chaos Statuary terrain has the Fearless special rule.
      • A model in cover behind a Chaos Statuary has a 3+ cover save.
    • Prometheum relay pipes grant a 4+ cover save but on a roll of a 6 to save, roll another D6. On a roll of a 1, D6 S4 AP5 hits with the “Ignores cover” special rule
      • Flamer weapons fired by non-vehicles within 2” of a promethium relay pipe can change their weapon types from Assault to Heavy or from Pistol to Heavy. If it does so, the weapon gains the Torrent special rule until the end of that phase.
    • All other terrain on the table counts as scatter terrain and confers a 5+ save. This is to prevent confusion from the scattered ammo crates, fuel barrels, etc.
    • The base grass/dirt/snow mats confer no special rules for this game.
  • Rules for the psychic phase during a multiplayer game:
    • Determining available Warp Charge:
    • During the psychic phase, each team will roll a single die to determine the amount of extra warp charge.
    • Each player on the team will generate warp charge per the number of levels of psychic mastery in his/her army.
    • Each player will then add an additional amount of dice as dictated by the roll at the start of the phase to their total to determine their final amount of warp dice.
    • Deny the Witch
    • Each player will have their own set of dice with which to attempt to deny psychic powers.
    • Only one attempt may be made to deny each casting of a psychic power. Teams are expected to collaborate as to who will attempt to deny each power.
    • Players can only benefit from modifiers to their dice roll if they are the target of the spell. If attempting to nullify a spell that is affecting another friendly unit, you would need a 6 to deny—regardless of whether that friendly unit had any bonuses.
    • Excepting above, players can combine dice to attempt to deny psychic powers. If different rolls are required by different players, please make note of that before any dice are rolled.
  • Rules for Flyers:
    • The “Death from the Skies” ruleset will not be utilized for this game. All flyers should use the rules set forth in their codices instead.
  • Rules for painted models:
    • To encourage painted models, we’ll be implementing the rule where “All (fully) painted models gain ‘Preferred enemy: unpainted models” where anything that isn’t deemed as fully painted counts as unpainted. As always, it’s up to the owner of the model to determine whether something is “fully painted” or not.
    • It is up to each player to determine what constitutes “completely painted unit.” In general, it should include multiple colors of paint and a base job. We are all adults, so we’ll be using the honor system.
    • The rules apply to entire units and are checked at the beginning of the game. So if a unit is painted except for one model, and that model later dies, the squad will not benefit from preferred enemy later in the game.
  • Apoc2016Photos (8)Personal Objectives:
    • Personal objectives will be in use for the game.
    • Personal objectives are missions that apply to each player and will help to set the theme (explaining why a diverse group of armies have appeared to fight on a single battlefield) and gives players an alternate method to achieve victory.
    • The actual objectives will be unique for each player and will be dealt out to each player.
    • Players are not allowed to share their personal objectives with any other participant (including team-mates) until the game is over. If they do so, there will be a penalty to pay:
      • Sharing what your objective is with anyone else before the end of the game will incur a one-time penalty indicated on your objective card.
    • No personal objective can score more than 10 points during the course of the game (though we expect most to score less than that). If a player decides to take the penalty to share his objective with the rest of the team, that penalty counts against the 10 (so thereby reduces the maximum amount of points achievable by a player).Players are encouraged to coerce their team-mates throughout the game to help assist them to accomplish their personal objective. For example: If my personal objective was to destroy all super heavies on the table, I should encourage people to kill those super heavies even if it might not be the best move for my team mate at that particular time. Coercion should be done in such a way that it’s not obvious that I’m trying to get them to complete my objective for me.
  • Changes to Objectives & Victory Points:
    • There will be no team objectives in this mission. Instead, team victory point totals will be determined by adding up each team member’s total points at the end to determine the winning side.
  • Time Tracking:
    • Chess clocks will be used for the game, each team will be configured to have 4 hours of play time.
    • When time runs out for the first team, the other team will have the option of calling it or having one more player turn for their side.
  • Food & Drink:
    • We won’t have an official break in the game for eating, just eat when you feel like it. That way, we can keep the game play continuous and get out as early as possible.

We opted not to use Death from the Skies (or whatever the flyer book is called) because of a lack of familiarity.  I’d never used it in a regular game and only read through it once, so we did away with it for fear that it might break something in Apoc.  In hindsight, it wouldn’t have made much difference at all, and we probably should’ve changed it out to use Death from the Skies but just skipped the dogfight phase (because it takes a while and can at most affect a single flyer on each side).

For Terrain, we opted to use the rules for some of the pieces, but not all of them.  All buildings counted as ruins (4+) because that was frankly quick and easy.  We only made exceptions for the promethium relay pipes and the imperial/chaos statuaries, and everything else just counted as standard scatter terrain.  While we could’ve extended the rules to cover the various ammo crates and oil drums, etc. it seemed like it would just become too much to keep track off, so we opted for a simpler arrangement.

Pretty much all of the other rules in some form or another came out of previous apocalypse games that we’ve played.  Well, that just about does it for setup–my next post will cover the actual game itself.  In order to breakup this wall of text, I did include a couple of photos from the game in this post… more to come on that soon…

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