Forgotten Stormbolters

WH39kStormBolters (2)Doh!  Just when you thought there weren’t going to be any more posts about my Munitorum Armored Containers, I find a way to dredge them up one last time (or so you hope).

Actually, there isn’t enough content here to justify a post on it’s own, but I found it humorous that despite the fact that I don’t like to aggrandize things with a series of work in progress posts, I managed to take something as trivial as a piece of terrain and stretch it out into five or six posts on the subject.  Heck, even when I took the time to paint up all of my buildings, I barely got that many posts out of them–and that took far longer and was considerably more impressive.

WH39kStormBolters (6)But then I discovered a handful of guns laying in the bottom of the box and remembered that I didn’t paint them up.  Ironically, this post doesn’t show a single painted storm bolter (though trust me, they’re painted and I won’t be dedicated a post to them again).  I did wind up shaving off the bottom pegs of each and inserting a magnet in each so that they can be easily removed.  They look like the sort of persnickety parts that would break off easily, so magnets to the rescue!

I also had to sink magnets into the top of the containers.  They fit almost perfectly with the magnets I had on hand (presumably the 1/8th inch variety) so I had to do a minimal amount of boring out holes to make them fit.  While I had the drill handy, of course, I drilled out the bolter barrels and filed down the mold lines wherever I could.

WH39kStormBolters (4)I didn’t bother to paint them all up though–instead I just did eight of the 12, figuring that I would be able to use the others for other purposes should the need arise (perhaps for drop pods or space marine tanks?).

I guess time will tell…



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