Ammo Boxes & Oil Drums

WH39kAmmoContainers (2)If I was working on my Munitorum Containers posts in the order that I actually had painted them, I would’ve started with the ammo boxes, moved to the drums, and then finished up with the containers themselves.  Ammo boxes are a great starting point because they’re basically just green boxes that don’t need much more embellishments than that.

Of course, I took it a step farther and added some metallic trim and rust effects–partially because it looked a little too drab with just green, and partially to make it blend in with the rest of the terrain I have.

The barrels, on the other hand, left me with some decisions to make.  Historically I’ve painted barrels in that same drab army green that I’ve painted the ammo boxes (for those that are wondering, it’s always been some flavor of Dark Angels green in the past, though this time I couldn’t seem to find my pot, so I mixed up a slightly lighter concoction using various badger airbrush paints I had laying around).  WH39kAmmoContainers (1)That aside, I wanted to look into potentially painting these new oil drums a different color.

I really liked the scheme of red/white that they used on the box lid, and also considered options of orange/white (to match traditional construction drums you’d see on the side of the road) or green/yellow (I suppose to keep the green theme and then have an accent color).  I eventually settled on green/white, but I don’t exactly recall just why that was.

The end effect worked out alright though–but I suspect that likely has more to do with the rust and washes than with the green/white scheme of the barrels.

WH3kAmmoContainers (3)Oh, for some reason I wound up taking the pictures of the ammo boxes after they were painted but before they were washed, while the photo of the barrels includes all of their weathering (in effect, that’s a finished product photo, while the other boxes are still a work in progress picture).  I wasn’t originally going to wash the ammo boxes, because I figured they looked good enough, but after I had washed the oil drums (which may or may not have come after washing the Munitorum Containers) it seemed only appropriate to go back and wash these as well.

And that basically finished up my new terrain for the upcoming Apoc game.


7 comments on “Ammo Boxes & Oil Drums

    • Well, I can’t take credit for the white stripe, as I stole it right off the cover art, but I agree that it’s a nice change.

      On Thu, Aug 4, 2016 at 6:45 PM, Warhammer 39,9999 wrote:


  1. These are fab, I would love these. I’ve no immediate desire to get this set but I love what you’ve done and would love to have a load of barrells or ammo crates done similarly. Once I;ve got other stuff out of the way I need to look into other alternatives.

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