Painting with a Grain of Salt

Wh39kSalting (2)With my recent acquisition and assembly of both the Munitorum Containers and Promethium Relay Pipes, I figured I’d paint these up as terrain instead of fortifications.

The distinction is subtle, but it basically comes down to whether I paint them in bright primary colors to match my Ultramarines, or if I weather them in a more subdued tone so that they blend into the background with the rest of my buildings.  I opted for the latter because I intend to use these as terrain for the most part, though I may wind up painting some of the containers in a fashion so that they match my ultramarines–at least partly…

Anywho, one trick I pulled off with my buildings that I liked was when I used salt as a weathering effect.  I won’t go too much into the process, as I’ve already described it in detail in an earlier post on weathering with salt.

I wound up weathering all of the pipes and containers, but only some of the ammo crates and barrels (I guess I figured at least some of them should be in good shape). Wh39kSalting (3) I made sure to do at least half of both in some sort of damage though, to keep things fairly dark and dingy.

After painting them with rust and salting them, they’re now awaiting their final coats.  I’ve decided to go with gray containers because it’s fairly drab and I have a can of spray paint (along with a matching paint pot, thanks to the bases on my Zombicide figures).  I expect that I’ll paint up the ammo crates in a green scheme to match those I’ve already placed inside my buildings, but the barrels, I’m not sure about.  I think I painted my older ones green as well, but they could be just about any color, and I do like the striped effect that GW got with their barrels.  Maybe I should mix these up a bit?  Maybe a dark yellow?

What do you think?

One comment on “Painting with a Grain of Salt

  1. I really need to try this technique in combination with the chipping technique. By layering them, you can probably get something that just makes my weathering heart pitter and rust!

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