The Makings of a Smurfy Army

Wh39kSprayingBloo (3)I’ve been putting off painting up my Ultramarine vehicles for a while now.  Part of it, I’m sure is because there are enough of them laying around that I know it will take a fair bit of time, and part of it is general malaise towards painting in general, though I’m sure some small part of it is also because of a fear of the unknown.

I’ve tried airbrushing models before.  Sure, it worked great with my buildings, but I had a horrible time trying to get it to work while base-coating bugs from years past.  I don’t think I ever did a post on that, but somewhere between the thickness of the Ultramarine Blue paint and the airbrush I was using (Which seemed to get clogged constantly), it didn’t go well.  By holding the airbrush in such a way that it wasn’t sealed to the paint canister, I did manage to successfully basecoat those bugs–along with my arm–and the rest of the garage to boot.

Wh39kSprayingBloo (2)With an impending Apoc game on the horizon, I’m trying to use this as inspiration to get off my duff and make some real hobby progress though, so I wound up ordering more replacement paint, plus some Golden Airbrush Medium off of Amazon and finally broke down this week and sprayed the majority of extra stuff that I had laying around.  This didn’t include the models that I haven’t yet assembled, those that are assembled but still need some finish work (clean-up, magnetization, or brass etch), or any of my buildings–but it certainly seemed like enough stuff to keep me busy for a while.

In total, that’s six flyers (you may recognize them from recent posts on cleaning them up), three drop pods (that I picked up as part of a large lot ages ago and just never bothered to do anything with), four dreads (no idea where these came from), and a couple of rhinos–plus more dreadnought arms than you can shake a stick at.

As of the time I’m writing this, I have exactly one month plus one day to prepare for the Apoc game.  Of course, it’d be folly to assume I could finish all of this in time, so hopefully I can at least knock out a bit of it.  It’d be nice to get a flyer or two done….

Wh39kSprayingBloo (1)Of course, if I don’t finish in time, I’ll probably just revert to playing bugs.  Those are pretty much fully painted, and are easy to field (terribly so if I include a couple of Hierophants).  That’s a cop-out though, so I’m going to sincerely try to make some progress on these in time for the game.  I know that they’d go quickly if I just used the airbrush to paint them all, but then they wouldn’t look consistent with the rest of my force, so I’m going to stick with hand-painting them.  Perhaps that’s a mistake?  Almost certainly, in fact, but that’s my mistake to make!

Before I go, I thought I’d leave you with one last photo–just to show you that some things never change…  Despite having fixed the mixture of paint (by the way, that airbrush medium was great–though it didn’t take a lot of it, seeing as my base mix for blue is almost half ink anyway), I still managed to coat my entire hand blue.  This time, it wasn’t the hand holding the airbrush though, and was instead the hand holding the model.  I think it looks positively smurfy!

Wh39kSprayingBloo (4)


3 comments on “The Makings of a Smurfy Army

  1. Awesome. Now what you need to do is go back over everything with a slightly lighter shade and hit all the top panels and edges to start a little zenethial highlight and make your job easier in the final stages.

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