My Kingdom for a Xuron…

I don’t expect that this will be a particularly long post, but then again I’m prone to rambling, so it could quite possibly be the longest that I’ve ever written–only time will tell!

It should be fairly short because all I wanted to do was talk briefly about pliers.  I mean, how long can such a post really be?

Well, if you know me, you probably know that I don’t have a really significant amount of tools specific to the hobby.  Where I can get away with it, I tend to use whatever other tools I have on hand.  Yes, this means that I drill out all of my bolters with a power drill (honestly, I don’t see why anyone uses a pin-vise), and it also means that the pliers/snips I use are whatever brand I have laying around in my garage.  Pliers are pliers–and I’ve never seen much of a point in buying specialty ones.

Well, a few years ago, I found myself reading Stelek’s blog, Yes the Truth Hurts.  Don’t ask me why I was reading it–the guy seems like the epitome of everything that I loathe about the game, but for whatever reason, I found myself reading through it.  In one particular post, he had given a glowing review to Xuron clippers so much that I really wanted to try some.  I’m not sure if I needed a new pair at the time, or if his argument was just that compelling, but whatever the case, I wound up buying three sets online.

Why three sets?  Well, because they’re not cheap.  Yeah, see if you can find the logic in that argument…

If you look them up at various online stores, you’ll find that they seem to sell for between $14-$17 per pair, shipped to your house.  While that may be a perfectly reasonable amount, it was just more than I wanted to pay.  So, instead of paying retail, I waited and found a lot of three on ebay for less.

Wh39kXuronBut I had no real need for three pairs.  At the time, one of the guys I was playing with on a regular basis was former WH39k contributor, Tony.  I was pleased with mine and he was looking for a pair, so I gave him one of my sets–after all, I only had two hands and three sets, so what good was the last one going to do me?

Well, over time, one of those sets has evaded me.  I don’t know where it went to, but when Brandon came over to my house and suggested that we should cut models off sprues, I was frantically looking for that second set (a search that ended in vain), so I wound up turning to my old friend, Ebay once again.

It took a few weeks for a suitably priced auction to show up, but I wound up watching two lots: one of 2 pairs and one of 10 pairs (don’t ask me why anyone would have ten pairs).  Granted, I had no need for that many pairs, but if the price is right, why not?  Both auctions ended within 5 minutes of each other, and it just so happened that as they were ending I was helping my wife finalize the sale of her car.  As a result, I was distracted.   I knew that both were ending, but wanted to be sure that I won at least one of them, so I wound up bidding on both–just in case.

Well, when the smoke cleared, I had won both auctions.  The first two sold for roughly $8 total, while the second lot went for just over $30.  Both prices are approximate and include shipping, but if you wanted the exact details, I’m sure you could go look at my frugal gaming page.  So, now I have 13 pairs (including my original one).  Sure, they’re used, but I’ve forked over enough cash to cover about 3 pairs from Amazon and have 9 pairs to spare.  At this rate, I can give them away to friends or sell them cheaply to someone else.

One last thing I’d like to add was that I was marveling in the absurdity of the statement as we sat around the kitchen table.  I posited to my wife: “I mean, who even has 10 pairs of these things?” Without missing a beat, my five year old son looked up to me and said “You do, daddy.”

Touché, son… touché.


4 comments on “My Kingdom for a Xuron…

  1. You should design a contraption that enables you to use these clippers with your feet so you can clip 4 things at once. Talk about efficiency!

  2. Brilliant, your son was spot on. Amusingly UK comedian Dave Gorman did a routine on buying comps at a £pound shop. They sell them in packs of 12, who needs 12 combs?!
    Meanwhile I’m like you, I use what’s to hand. A power drill for barrells, but it’s battery powered so doesn’t got too fast if I don’t want and toe nail clippers to remove my bits from the sprue, it does the job.

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