Storm Talon Update

FlyerUpdate (8)I realize now that last week’s post about my progress in painting flyers almost completely omitted my Storm Talons.  Yeah, I did mention them in the post, and you can catch glimpses of them on the workbench, but all of the photos were predominately of the Storm Ravens instead.

To rectify, I went ahead and created a new post to upload my pictures of these little guys as well.

Like the larger flyers, these guys came in various conditions.  Two of these I’d purchased were fully glued, heavily painted, and a little banged up (though otherwise complete), and the other two were pre-magnetized and unpainted.  Cleanup for these likewise mirrored the larger counterparts and involved stripping the two, dealing with some broken bits, magnetizing options, and affixing some brass etch to them.

FlyerUpdate (9)As for breaking, the biggest issue I had was with the little antennas on the back of the flyers.  Those things just seem really prone to breaking–I’m not sure if it’s an inherent flaw in the design, or how I pack them (hint: to this date, they’ve just laid around in a box without any sort of protection), or a combination of the two.  Whatever the case, only one of the flyers still has all three spines on the back of it, and I suspect that even that one might suffer breakage in the future.

In the past,  I have painted models inside canopies, but I opted to just glue these shut (three out of the four glass canopies were unglued, so it wasn’t like my hand was forced on this–I just can’t be bothered to paint those little guys inside).  For brass etch, I tried to do it so each of the models wound up getting at least 2-3 pieces on it.  Each one would get a symbol on the right side near the tail.  Each would likewise get a little brass etch number on the right wing.  Lastly, I tried to give each one a little extra flair somewhere else on the model  (often in the form of a little omega symbol–generally on the left side to balance things out).

FlyerUpdate (10)I did wind up using a little too much superglue in some parts, so that leaked out and when I tried to scrape it off, I left some faint scratches on the wings.  I had hoped they were superficial and wouldn’t be visible after priming, but you can still see them.  Hopefully paint does a little more to help cover them up.  But, as you can see they’re all primed up.  Two things worth noting in the picture to the right are that one of the talons was primed before the others (though I believe with the same type of primer) so that’s why it doesn’t look the same (I wound up hand painting gesso on the pieces of brass etch on that one to act as primer).  The other thing worth noting is that same one has it’s engines on upside down, but they’re not glued in place, so I’ll fix that before it sees the table.

Otherwise, I just have to get off my duff and figure out how to airbrush these boys blue.  Any tips out there?




6 comments on “Storm Talon Update

  1. That’s a lot of solid hobby work. Didn’t realize you were such a flyer fan, or let me guess, a deal you couldn’t pass up? 😉

    Get yourself some liquid green stuff if you’re concerned about those scratches. It works perfectly for that superficial stuff.

    • You know me too well!

      It was actually a series of deals that were too good to pass up. I’ve had them sitting around my garage for a few years now and am finally starting to get around to working on them…

      On Wed, May 25, 2016 at 12:34 PM, Warhammer 39,9999 wrote:


    • I haven’t played (or even seen) a game with flyers, but it does seem like they’ll be helpful–if I can ever finish them.

      On Wed, May 25, 2016 at 1:32 PM, Warhammer 39,9999 wrote:


  2. I’m hesitant now with good deals on assembled models. I used super glue for the longest time since I started out with Tyranids and Sisters. It made sense to use super glue with all that pewter. When I started collecting plastic Grey Knights and Space Marines I figured I would give the GW plastic glue a try. Two bottles and they were both bad. All my assembled models fell apart. I had to scrape the glue off and start over. Just Gorilla Glue for me now.

    • Oh, I totally agree–especially when it comes to painted plastic, as I never had much luck stripping them. As time has passed, and I found SuperClean, I don’t mind painted models so much, but if I get a screaming deal on figures, I buy them. Most of the time, I sell them, but in this case, I saved the stuff because I thought I might use them one day. That day may still yet come to pass…

      On Thu, May 26, 2016 at 8:54 AM, Warhammer 39,9999 wrote:


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