To the Skies! My Ultramarines Flyers

FlyerUpdate (1)I know with Death from the skies recently released, it looks like it inspired me to finally make some progress towards getting my flyers painted.  In truth though, I actually started moving on this a few weeks prior because of my dearth of hobby progress.  In looking for some easy wins, I decided to pick up some airbrush medium and try my hand at basecoating my various vehicles.

Since I already have a landraider, speeders, and a few rhino chasses done, the obvious first step is to paint up some flyers (actually, I would’ve gone for terrain myself, or painted six more dreadnoughts, but Brandon pointed me in the direction of the flyers and that seemed like a pretty smart idea).  I picked up all of these flyers used from a couple of local sources over the past few years including this deal where I managed to snag half of the flyers I own.  Of course, those had really bad paint jobs and I never truly dreamed that I’d use them (though I did keep them when I sold the rest of the stuff, so I must’ve had an inkling of an idea).

FlyerUpdate (3)Luckily for me, I found Castrol Super Clean and that managed to strip the paint of them beyond my wildest dreams.  So my plan was to prime them up and throw some paint on them.

But it wasn’t that easy.  I was surprised at just how much work still needed to be done on the models.  They still had some smallish deposits of crackled paint, and needed to have some parts glued together again (some because they’d simply broken, and some where the Castrol must’ve eaten away at the previous adhesive).  Plus, I wanted to make them a little more Ultra by putting some brass etch on them, so that took some extra time.  And then came the magnets.

FlyerUpdate (7)You know me, I love my magnets, and opted to magnetize every weapon that I could on each of the birds.  Granted, some weapons were glued in place on some of them, so they’re only mostly interchangeable.  Some of the extra weapons hadn’t ever been cleaned, so that took some time as well.

After an evening or two though, I was able to put together two storm ravens and four storm talons.  Frankly, that’s more than I should ever really need, right?  Unless I’m playing a particularly big apocalypse game and need air support…

I figured I’d throw up some pics now before I painted them (honestly, I’ll probably wait until I have more tanks assembled so I can airbrush it all at once).

More thumbnails below for those that are interested…

FlyerUpdate (6)  FlyerUpdate (4)  FlyerUpdate (2)




2 comments on “To the Skies! My Ultramarines Flyers

    • Is that a response to the new flyer rules, or just a statement in general. Obviously, as these aren’t painted they’ve never seen the table, but I have played against Brandon’s in the past and it didn’t exactly wow me. It seems fine, and potentially a little stronger with the new flyer rules, but not something I’m in any urgent rush to paint up (again, obviously)…

      On Wed, May 18, 2016 at 10:11 AM, Warhammer 39,9999 wrote:


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