Zombicide Progress: Heroes – Volume 9 (Elsa, Doug, & Belle)

I’ve been working towards my goal of completing the figures from Zombicide, and have had to step up my game so I can get them all done by the end of the month.  Based upon the complete lack of comments for Zombicide progress related posts, I’m guessing it doesn’t entertain everyone out there, but I’ve set a goal and am making actual progress in painting things, so I’ll keep on trucking.  This installment: Models that had a lot of black.


wh39kZombiCharsAlmostDone (5)Elsa is really the epitome of models that have a lot of black, as she’s dressed head to toe in black leather.  As such, she was quick to paint up.  Something I found interesting about her was that I’ve never really known how to paint red hair.  Certainly it’s predominantly orange, but we call it red for a reason, right?

Then again my in-laws are called “black people,” when they’re really brown.  It’s all ignorant labels.

So, I looked up a good formula online of how to paint red hair and came up with this link from a Reaper mini forum.  The end results looked good, but all of the paints were in Reaper colors (which I own none of).  What I wound up doing was looking up the colors on Reaper’s website and then figuring out what I had that was closest to each and trying that.  I didn’t document which colors they were, but it was basically: light brown, dark brown wash, layers of lighter oranges until done.  I was pleased with the overall effect and will have to remember this for next time.


wh39kZombiCharsAlmostDone (4)For anyone who has seen the movie “Falling Down,” this is an obvious play on Kirk Douglas’ character.  The scheme is only a slight step up from Elsa in that it’s a black and white suit.   He’s a real simple model, so there’s not too much to rant and rave about.  I haven’t figured out how to paint glasses so they’re more subtle (especially this type, as they really only have frames on top in the image–but not on the model itself).

One of my friends that came over has mentioned that the photos here on the blog don’t really do the minis justice, which is understandable as I’m just taking quick photos at the painting table.  Maybe one day I’ll break out the light box and take photos of all of these again, but for now that will just inject more delay into my goal…


wh39kZombiCharsAlmostDone (3)How did this model wind up in the “black” pile?  You know, I don’t rightfully know.  I suspect that she got lumped in because of the knee-pads and because I had run out of more obvious choices.  You know, I am getting towards the end of this project and it’s getting harder and harder to find six models that have some sort of similar trait/color scheme.

I feel like I’ve done a good job of matching her color scheme, and though it’s not the best paint job in the world, I feel like it’s great for the time I put into it, and she’s unmistakable on the table (well, I assume, it’s been a while since I’ve been able to play the game, since I don’t have any figures left unpainted or painted and sealed anymore…)

It seems weird to go through one of these posts and not have negative critiques about what I’ve done, but I’m actually quite happy with this lot.  I wonder if I didn’t spend a little too much time on them compared to the other ones, and that’s why I’m happier with them?  Oh well, no time to ponder–I have to get back to painting!


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