Zombicide Progress: Heroes – Volume 7 (Neema, Kim, & James)

It’s been a long time since I’ve painted with any consistency, and when I was painting in any sort of volume, I was really just basecoating (as with my ‘Nidz).  My Ultramarines are the force that I actually take time on, but I only paint them in sporadic bursts anymore.

So it feels good to actually be making progress towards a goal.  I want to get my entire copy of Zombicide painted up (though I still don’t have an official timeline).  The vast bulk of it consisted of zombies of various sorts, and painted up quickly (as they were little more than base-coating themselves).  I’ve since moved on to the characters in the game and, while I’m not giving them a super high level of detail, they’re an easy “table top” quality.  I can generally paint up 1-2 characters a night if I set aside the time, it’s just a matter of finding that time.

Well, lately, I’ve been forsaking the television, and trying to get in my steps at work (I’m on a regular ongoing fitbit challenge too), so I can generally squeak in a little time during the week, plus get a few solid hours on the weekend.  And that results in continuous progress.

This week, I’m proud to say that I’ve completed another half batch of figures, all of which were chosen for their proclivity for the color brown:


ZombicideCharsb3 (1)Ok, this one seems borderline racist as she’s wearing pink and red as her colors, but there’s no denying that brown is a very dominant color on her palette.  I have a special fondness for this model because she’s the one in the game that most looks like my wife (who is half Korean, half black, and has a huge untamable ‘fro like this–though in truth, she has found a way to get it to settle down).

I think this is the last time I’m going to try to color a zombie’s skin green though.  It is unmistakable for a zombie, but it just doesn’t match the color scheme on the card at all.  The colors are reasonably accurate (considering I’m mixing them all up quickly with what I have on hand).  I did take a class in college on color theory where we had to paint pictures to match a scrap cut from a magazine using only primary colors and white/black.  I did fairly well at that, so I’m guessing I could be fairly accurate at this if I tried, but my goal here isn’t perfection: only table-top quality.


ZombicideCharsb3 (2)I really don’t know what’s going on with Kim.  She’s a powerful business woman in a 1920’s zoot suit with a penchant for hammers.  Somewhere there has to be a series of backstories for these characters, and something tells me that this was is pretty far fetched.

What I can tell you about this character is I had a bit of a tricky time with the skin tone.  I don’t know that I’ve intentionally tried to paint an Asian model before (GW doesn’t have a whole lot of them, and I generally use really generic skin tones), so when it came down to this, I tried mixing a little yellow into the existing pigments.  I think it’s alright, but since I’m not doing any real detail, it’s hard to say for sure.  I also missed a bit on the coloration of her pants/shirt, but it’s obviously brown, so I don’t expect any real complaints.


ZombicideCharsb3 (3)It’s really just happenstance that all of the figures I chose to highlight on this page all have a reddish/pink card, but it’s something I only now just noticed.  I do recall thinking that James’ base color was decidedly out of place, considering that all of the other models seem to have their card color reflected at least somewhere in the model.  I’m guessing they were running out of different colors of plastic to use…

Anyway, for James, the area of interest I have is his coat. The coat in the drawing is really a mashup of a variety of colors, from Snakebite leather to bestial brown, to some faded greens/yellows.  The way I tried to achieve the effect was to paint it up normal in a heavy snakebite theme, and then apply mottled washes to various areas to get the colors.  The colors aren’t bad, but the end result is his cloak looks different from most of the models I’ve painted so far, as it’s mostly washes, where the other stuff is heavily wetbrushed.



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