Zombicide Progress: Heroes – Volume 6 (Derek, Tiff, & Louise)

In my last, I spoke about the first part of the Jeans team: Shannon, Jane, & Josh, so I’m moving on to the next set: Derek, Tiff & Louise.


Wh39kZombieCharsJeans (4) (Medium)The reflective orange/yellow vest was clearly going to be the most difficult part of this model.  I don’t own any neon colors, nor do I know how to mix them (or did I want to buy them specifically for this one figure).  I think the colors work alright though, but the paint job leaves something to be desired.

On top of going off on the vest a bit, I wound up playing even more with his zombie-flesh.  I wound up washing him in purple, which I sometimes do for normal flesh.  This means that, unless you stand them next to each other, it isn’t immediately obvious which one is supposed to be the zombie (heck, even then it’s kind of tough).  Lesson learned: purple wash is insufficient…


Wh39kZombieCharsJeans (5) (Medium)I’m pretty sure that I had a crush on this girl in Junior High.  I’d say high school, but I went to school in the early 90’s when grunge had overtaken hair-bands as the defacto standard of cool throughout teenagers in my area, but I’m sure I would’ve drooled over this figure in Jr. High though…

She’s a metal head through and through though, from her guitar axe to her head to toe jean outfit, including what appears to be acid washed pants.  I didn’t do a good job of capturing the color of these pants (I had base-coated all of these figures in January, and didn’t bother to update them when I started on them again this month).

I suppose I really should go back and fix the coloring on her pants, but as these are just for a board game, I’m ok with plowing through.  Realistically, she won’t be used all that much, and there’s little mistaking her for any other figure in the game…


Wh39kZombieCharsJeans (6) (Medium)I like the way that she turned out overall.  The only areas of complaint I really have would be in her face, where I didn’t capture the detail that much, but I’m not really going for that level of quality.  I have a hard enough time justifying painting models for 40k, so in order to get these done for the board game, I’m obviously making concessions to get these all done in a timely fashion.

On average, I’m looking to paint each figure in about an hour overall (or maybe it’s both versions in an hour).  Something to that effect.  While it’s not exactly speed painting, it’s faster than I’m used to (unless you’re talking about dipping Tyranids), and I think it leaves them with a respectable level of quality.  Heck, I’ve never painted models for board game before, so the fact that I’m giving them any attention is new to me (well, that’s a lie–I did paint 2-3 Descent figures at one point to play with OSL effects).

Have I really painted 18 of these characters already (which really means 36 models–since every character has both a “normal” and a “zombivor” figure)?  It really feels like I’m making progress and that I could actually finish these in a reasonable amount of time.

Louise definitely make number eighteen though, so I’m officially halfway through the process.  Could that be a light at the end of the tunnel…?


2 comments on “Zombicide Progress: Heroes – Volume 6 (Derek, Tiff, & Louise)

    • Mahalo sir. I finally played a game with them this weekend. I was surprised at how easily it all blended into the background. Maybe painting them all wasn’t such a great use of my time?

      On Fri, Apr 1, 2016 at 10:31 PM, Warhammer 39,9999 wrote:


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