Zombicide Progress: Heroes – Volume 5 (Shannon, Jane, & Josh)

When I did my first batch of Zombicide heroes, I focused on the models that were predominately black in scheme.  For the second batch, I worked on those that were green.  For this batch?  Those wearing jeans…

I guess it shouldn’t come as that much of a surprise that I could find six characters wearing jeans in a game about zombies, but it did seem a little odd.  I mean, the others were based upon a color scheme, and these are more likely aligned via fashion sense.

Oh well, on to the victims–er survivors!


Wh39kZombieCharsJeans (1) (Medium)I actually started painting these models back in January, before I had left on my vacation.  In fact, I had almost completely finished painting this particular character at that time, so when I finally got back on the wagon, there wasn’t all that much left to do with her.  I had to do the blood, base and zombie flesh, plus pick out a few details here and there.

I can say that I’m not happy about how her zombie flesh came out (I’m really toying around with schemes, and wound up reusing the one I did on Bear a while back, to much less success).  Her zombie model is just ugly by the way, so I’m sure that doesn’t help.

Something I noticed about her was that her pose doesn’t exactly match the art on her card.  That’s something new to me, as they always seem to have in the past.  Of course, you can still clearly tell it’s her, but she’s holding the guns in a different way in the photo and on the model…


Wh39kZombieCharsJeans (2) (Medium)I once heard a guy refer to Jane as “the hot one” in Zombicide, and whiel she’s no slouch, I just found that peculiar.  Apparently she does bear a striking resemblance to his significant other though, so that must be what he was getting at.

The thing about this model that stands out to me (besides the fact that she’s covered in Denim from head to toe) is that I noticed her pants were a little dusty in the photograph, so I wound up putting a light drybrush of brown on the bottom of her jeans.  Since I wind up painting my ultramarines in a fairly clean scheme, I don’t get an opportunity to try out weathering all that much, but I’m happy with this quick little addition.


Wh39kZombieCharsJeans (3) (Medium) Josh is a perennial favorite in Zombicide groups around here.  That’s due in no small part to the fact that slippery is a fairly fantastic ability.  I’ve only played him once myself, but knowing that I could never really be pinned in by zombies was huge bonus–so I can see why people love him so.

The model isn’t very complex, so he painted up pretty quick.  What I’d like to mention on him is that my micron pen gave out while I was trying to paint his sweatshirt, so I reverted to using a standard brush.  The brush I had was fraying a bit, so it made things more difficult (and for some reason, I’m always loathe to break out a new brush), but I think the sweatshirt is still easily identifiable from the concept art.

That will wrap up this post though.  In my next post, I’ll finish the jean team: Derek, Tiff & Louise.


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