Zombicide Progress: Murder of Crows

Wh39kZombiCrows (1) (Medium)A Murder of crows?  For a Zombie game… get it?

Yeah, it’s a bad pun, but I’m ok with it.  After painting up my Zombie Dogs, I moved on to these guys.  Unlike the dogs, I haven’t ever played with these in a game, so I’m not sure how crazy they are.  From what I’ve read, they move three squares per turn and ignore all obstacles (but not walls), so they aren’t confined by locked doors, barricades, or pits.  That should make them fairly fast, but not so terrifying, as they have no means of getting extra activations and can’t sneak out of nowhere and do both hits to a player (of course, multiple crows could do just that).

They also don’t have the same issues with target priority as the dogs do.   When you shoot into a mob of zombies, the crows actually die first (well, after survivors, that is), so that makes them seem a bit less threatening too.

Wh39kZombiCrows (2) (Medium)The models only come in a single pose, but there’s enough birds in the cluster that even subtly turning the bases makes them feel different.  The sculpts are pretty great and, for the price, they really can’t be beat.  I found myself going over the various armies for Warhammer trying to figure out what I could use these for.  Wood Elves have to have something that these would replace, and maybe Dark Eldar?  For roughly $1 each, I would whole-heartedly recommend these as a suitable stand-in for something.

The bases are a bit larger than the other zombies, but I’m guessing that’s just so they can remain stable.  And for a model that’s so spread out, I think they’ve done a great job of making sure they don’t tip over constantly.  Of course, I haven’t actually played with them, so maybe my opinion changes over time, but while I painted them I didn’t have a single one fall over.

For the coloring scheme, I opted to go simple and match the scheme I used for my Seekers–which is to say, black with a deadly nightshade drybrush, and then another drybrush of deadly nightshade mixed with shadow gray.  Well, I guess that’s not the same scheme I used for my seekers, but it’s the same basic premise: black drybrushed with blue.  In this case, I didn’t draw it up to as extreme a blue highlight, leaving things more natural looking overall–though the shading is far more subtle than I did on the seekers, so they won’t stand out on the board.  Of course, they’re giant flocks of birds though, so that should make them stand out on their own.

Wh39kZombiCrows (4) (Medium)At the time of writing this, I’ve only just now realized that I painted their bases gray, like normal zombies and not black like I did for the runners and the dogs.  Since these move fast, they really should have black bases to keep things consistent, but since the models are almost entirely black on their own, I suspect that would look weird.  I think I’m going to keep them with gray bases for cosmetic reasons.  Besides, the underyling reasons for black bases in the first place was to be able to differentiate runners from walkers, and I don’t think I’ll have any problems picking these guys out on the board.

In total, these guys wound up painting up very quickly (as you’d expect).  I think in total that I have about an hour into this–two hours at most, so now I’m done with my zombies again and will have to turn back to painting more survivors…


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