Zombicide Progress: Dags

wh39kZombiDags (2) (Medium)I’m a bad person to buy gifts for.  I’m sure I’ve mentioned that in the past, but the point is that when I have a birthday, I tend to tell people not to buy me things for that reason.  Generally, I tell people that the gift they got me was wrong in some way and wind up hurting their feelings, so I’m better off not getting a gift at all.

Well, in my most recent birthday, some of my friends ignored my wishes and wound up buying me stuff anyway.  Brandon was one of those guys and, contrary to my M.O., the gift was actually perfect: Zombie Dogs for Zombicide.  He knew it would be a good gift because I had been watching Amazon for a while now for them to be cheap enough to justify buying.  And to top it off, he did a bit about “Dags” (a la Brad Pitt’s Pikey character from Snatch) which really sold me on them.

wh39kZombiDags (3) (Medium)We’ve wound up playing with them once in a game already (don’t tell anyone that you caught me playing with unpainted models), and let me tell you that they’re fairly terrifying.  The get three activations in a round, so they’re like an upgraded form of runners (which are already fairly scary).  On top of that, they have low profile, meaning that they immediately drop down to the last zombies that get shot due to target priority.  So they’re fast, attack a lot and are hard to kill (due to the fact that they can hide behind other zombies).  That makes for a fairly nasty combination.

In the game we played (a version of Angry Neighbors), they wound up being the only zombies that could climb out of the pits with any regularity, and while they caused us to be a little on edge the entire game, I’m not sure that they did all that much to us.  Perhaps that’s because they have no way to get a second activation in a turn (which would be disgusting if they did).

wh39kZombiDags (1) (Medium)For painting, I had considered doing them up in the various colors of real dogs, but ultimately decided that would break the consistency of the rest of my set.  All of the zombies to date have been painted in mono-chrome style with a splash of blood for color, so I opted to paint these up the same.  Since they’re effectively basic zombies (ie, they don’t have rules like Toxic Zombies or Berserkers), I went ahead and painted them up in the same gray scheme as my basic zombies.   The difference is that where I did a final highlight of white on the basic zombies for their skin tones, I opted to do some mottling of dog fur with white to give them a little variation and “color.”

I wound up painting their bases black, to match my runners.  I guess I could’ve come up with a different base color, but black seemed to indicate “these guys move faster than others” and worked for me.

So, for now, I’m setting these aside and won’t play with them until I can finally dip them with the rest of the lot.  Now, I just have to paint up my birds, survivors, (living) dags, and helpers… I should be finished before 2017…


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