Zombicide Progress: Heroes Volume 3 (Thiago, Joshua, & Ned)

With the last batch of characters chosen because they had predominantly black schemes, I chose the next batch because they seemed to have more green on them than the rest of the characters.  That left me with Thiago (who is more olive than green), Josh, Ned, Bear, Laurie, & Raoul (which is a huge stretch as he really only has green sleeves).

Admit it, how many of you started singing when you read that?  I had to have gotten at least one person…


wh39kZombiChars2 (1)I’ve read that most (if not all) of the characters from Zombicide are homages to existing characters from other genres.  I’m not sure if this is true, but there’s no denying that this particular character is based upon Austin Powers.  By the way, if you’re interested in the definitive list of “who’s who,” you can check out this list over at coolminiornot.

Despite being in my “green” block of models, I clearly painted him more brown than green.  To my surprise, I didn’t have an olive colored paint.  I remember having one in the past, but I guess it must have dried up (heck, I had a great olive color Poly S paint from back in the day, but that was long ago…).

Is Poly S paint really automotive touch-up paint?  Can that be true?

Back on topic: he’s brown, not green.  I get that.  I even tried to correct it after painting him completely once or twice, but despite where I started (And I did achieve an olive green base), the highlights just became more brown.  I’m sure that because the way I achieved an olive color was to mix a dark brown (I forget the name off the top of my head), GW’s Snakebite Leather, and GW’s Dark Angel Green.  That really came to a decent olive color–but I lightened it by just adding more snakebite leather, which was where all of the brown comes from.

Since he’d already had three coats of paint on him and I wasn’t about to strip him, he’s complete, even if he’s a little off color…


wh39kZombiChars2 (2)Josh is a pretty cool character that I’ve seen used twice: both times were when we went through the lot of available characters and tried to pick the ones that most looked like the people at the table. Brandon wound up being Josh both times, which is a little odd since he doesn’t have a beard (And virtually everyone else I hang out with does).  Whatever the case, he has a cool ability to drag people out of harm’s way (though not nearly as cool as Bear’s ability to shove zombies).

When it came to painting Josh, I didn’t match the green of his shirt very well, but again, I think it’s suitably identifiable as him when you look at the figure/card.  I even busted out the micron pen again to do the lettering on his shirt (though I don’t think you can make that out from the photo).


wh39kZombiChars2 (3)I’m actually quite proud of Ned, though I’m not sure why.  His pants seem to have fallen prey to the same color matching issues of Josh & Thiago, but I think the overall feel captures the figure nicely.  I like the way that the micron pen captured the smiley face button, and I’m particularly fond of those white glasses.  I think I like him alot because he’s a nerd.  The fact that his jacket is reminsicent of a Cleveland Browns jacket only further accentuates that point.

I even got to apply a little bit of rust effects to his frying pan!


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