Playing Relic Again (For the Last Time?)

With all of the Zombicide conent as of late, I’m getting a little backlogged on these posts.  I figured I’d slip in an awaiting post for a little change of pace–rest assured that I’ll go back and finish up the zombies soon…

So, earlier this month, the guys came over for game night.  We had a really good turnout, including some guys that rarely show.  Per usual, some people brought some of the new hotness that they wanted to play, including the Star Wars mini-game, and Relic (for which, Kurt had picked up an expansion or two).

WH39kRelicRevisited (1)In case you don’t recall, I did a write-up after the first time we played the game and didn’t give it a favorable review.   I didn’t particularly care for it, but now that I’m going back and reading it, I wasn’t as negative as I seem to remember.  Anywho, Kurt expressed an interest in playing and that kind of snowballed.  Everyone seemed either generally interested or at least willing to go along, and I didn’t want to be the fuddy-duddy, so I joined in.

The new expansions introduced two new ideas: the idea of an enemy (or whatever you call it), and a new section of board that allows players to get more powerful.  The first one was necessary because we had too many players, and when nobody spoke up I chose to be the enemy.  I wound up picking the Khorne marine because he had a mechanic that allowed him to vary his movement (albeit slightly), and I recall that being really powerful in the previous game.  I ultimately should’ve gone with my other option though: the Genestealer.  Oh well.

As the adversary, I felt that I didn’t have much impact in the game.   In effect, I seemed to be a timer that forced the game to be over sooner–though in practice, it didn’t work that way.  I wound up dying and resetting the work I had done towards ending the game.  But as the adversary, I was almost playing my own game: I couldn’t interact with anything on the board, had my own decks (some of which helped me and some helped my opponents), and could only choose to attack players if I landed on them (though several of them were stronger than me so there was no point in doing so).  So, while it was possible to win, it didn’t seem like that was the objective.

The other new addition was an expansion to the board, which allowed you to roam the halls of Terra.  Brandon went straight there from the beginning, but while the others were running around grabbing loot and leveling up, he only managed to grab a handful of affiliations.  He also felt like he couldn’t get out of the area effectively without wasting a lot of turns.  In the end, I think the general consensus was that to use the area effectively you had to gear up/level up a bit before going in.

WH39kRelicRevisited (2)The game took a long time.  In fact, after 3-4 hours of playing, nobody had won and we eventually given up.  Come to think of it, by that point, only one person had managed to leave the outside ring of the game.  That person was in the middle ring for two turns, then entered the “inner sanctum” (or whatever you call it) for a few turns, but when he got halfway through, he earned his last corruption token and was removed from the game.  In total, virtually everyone had died at least one, and two people had their characters completely corrupted and removed from the game.

It wasn’t without it’s moments though.  Part of why everyone seemed to die was because players seemed to roll insane dice for enemy combats.  Albert was pure insanity when he rolled his dice, habitually rolling successive exploding 6’s.  The worst though was Brandon, who ensured that Kurt couldn’t win any combat: getting to the point where he rolled four in a roll on an “easy battle”, and killing his character outright.

But my opinion of the game really hasn’t changed.  It’s beautiful and incredibly thematic, but it’s too slow and random, so I really don’t care to play it again.  I would though, if others around me wanted to, but I don’t think you’ll ever find me suggesting we play it.

Maybe when Kurt gets around to painting all of the figures… 🙂





2 comments on “Playing Relic Again (For the Last Time?)

  1. Interesting seeing your take on it. I’ve never played it, but I had considered dabbling every now and then. You’ve made some solid points. I’m glad I read your article, rather than leap into an ill informed purchase (I make plenty if those already). Nice one.

    • Happy that you took something from it. You should also note that other people seem to really enjoy the game–like I said, I have a friend that considers Talisman the pinnacle of game design. It’s just not my cup of tea.

      If you’re considering taking the plunge, I would suggest that you purchase Talisman on your phone (it can often be purchased for $.99) and see if you like that. If so, then I’m sure you’d love Relic.

      On Wed, Feb 3, 2016 at 10:16 AM, Warhammer 39,9999 wrote:


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