Zombicide Progress: Seekers

With all of this work on Zombies, it seems almost a let-down to do a post on Seekers.  All of the previous posts have included a minimum of 29 models (with some up over 100+), so to do a post covering 16 models seems like a cop-out.

In order to complete the series though and to document the scheme (in case I have to paint more in the future), I might as well do one.

WH39kZombicideProgress (8)These guys are from the “Angry Neighbors” boxed set and have a special rule that they gain an activation every time that another seeker card is drawn.  I actually like the sound of the mechanic, but it really seems like it would work best in a deck without all of the other zombies in it.  Otherwise, the odds of drawing them is far less likely, so the threat of them getting extra activations is minimized.

For the scheme, these guys are supposed to be black, which is notoriously difficult to paint.  I didn’t want to shade it with gray, so I felt that I was really left with purple or blue to shade with.  I opted not to do purple because I thought that was a color that they could use for zombies in the future, so I went with blue (ignore the fact that blue is the more obvious choice for them to reuse).

The good news is that these are definitely black, so if I wind up doing a batch of blue zombies in the future, I’m confident that they’ll be light enough to be easily differentiated from this group.

The scheme is simple.  I just used subtle mixes from black through:

  • WH39kZombicideProgress (7)Based Black
  • GW Midnight Blue
  • GW Lightning Bolt Blue

I never got to the point where I applied pure Lightning Bolt Blue to the model, but I did get close with the final highlight.

So, at this point, all of the zombies are painted, they just need to be based, sealed, and maybe have a little splash of color added…


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