Zombicide Progress: Berserkers

I don’t use “tags” very much in my blog, preferring to associate things together with “categories” instead, but since I’ve started what appears to be a short series of posts on painting up my models for the Zombicide board game, I might as well do a tag for them.  So you can find all previous posts on the subject under that tag here:


Wh39kZombicidePainting (4)Anywho, with the zombies from the base game and the first expansion done, I moved on to the second expansion…  Zombicide Season 2: Prison Outbreak.   That set is a stand-alone game and includes both basic zombies (included in my original paint-a-thon) and a new style of zombies called Berserkers.  Berserkers are the opposite of the Toxic Zombies from the last post in that they don’t explode when you melee them, but are rather immune to damage from ranged attacks.  Between the two, they ensure that you need a balance of ranged and melee weapons within your party if you’re to survive.

The models come in a brownish-red, almost rust-colored plastic so I wound up painting them that way.  Now, I could’ve painted them red, but I opted to go with a rusty/brown theme, thinking that they may one day release truly red zombies that I’d have to adjust my scheme for.  To get the effect pictured, I essentially just used the same colors/techniques that I used to paint rusty buildings long ago.  Of course, I didn’t salt them because I didn’t want them to look like statues or anything.  The scheme was:

  • Wh39kZombicide Painting(10)Rustoleum Rusty Metal Primer
  • Folk Art 2902 “Pueblo”
  • Apple Barrel 20569 “Harvest Orange”
  • Apple Barrel 21472 “Jack-o-Lantern”
  • Vallejo Model Color 70.953 “Flat Yellow” (which is essentially my substitute for the classic GW “Sunburst Yellow”

I just worked up through the various layers of those to produce the desired effects.   In the first picture (above) you can see models at various stages from Harvest Orange (left) to Jack-o-Lantern (back) to the yellow (front).  The below picture is a “completed” shot of all of the painted models (aside from their bases). Along with a sneak preview of the next style of zombie I’m working on (trying to determine whether the yellow is significantly different enough from the rust).

Wh39kZombicidePainting (9)For the bases, I suspect I’m going to paint them gray to match the tiles of the board, but I think I might do something special with the bases for the runners.  Unlike the fatties, they’re only subtly different from the walkers, so you at times lose track of which are which.  To avoid this, I could paint blood splatter on only one series of them (that seems decidedly unzombilike to not have blood on all of them), or I could just paint their bases a little different.  My initial thought is to go with black bases on the runners, so it’s obvious enough that they’re different, but it’s still a subtle/background color.  At least one of my friends thinks I need to go bolder and do something like red bases though.  I’m not so sure…

What do you think?



5 comments on “Zombicide Progress: Berserkers

  1. I think they’re looking good.

    You’re just going to paint the base, not do any sort of basing material? What I’d do is paint the rim a different color. Keep the top of the base the same as the others for a more visual consistency. Doing the rim will differentiate them without being overly distracting.

    • I think doing fancy work on the bases would be overkill, and since they won’t have any protection (other than throwing them in the box), I fear that any basing material would simply fall over over time due to use.

      Painting the bases seems the best course of action. I’ve heard of people painting rings around the bases to help distinguish them, but I think that might be a little too subtle. The runners are already posed differently, but it’s not enough to make them stand out. I’m not sure a little ring will be sufficient (unless it’s a bright color–the person I’d heard of doing this did his with red rings). I think that was a little distracting, and wonder if a simple black base wouldn’t be sufficient.

      On Wed, Jan 20, 2016 at 4:39 AM, Warhammer 39,9999 wrote:


  2. I agree with Thor. I think a coloured rim – even brightly coloured – would be less distracting than a black base. If it didn’t look unpainted it would still look like it was from a different set. A coloured ring would look like an effect that wasn’t part of the model. Sort of like looking through a computer weapon scope at a target and the computer highlighting it for you.

      • Your models are not single colour, and I assume you’re going for a fairly naturalistic looking base (that’s what I think you should do).

        Coloured rings will look start, but that won’t mean they look bad. Also remember that you’ll be looking down at them most of the time rather than directly from the side in close up for a photo for a blog post, so you want them to be visible.

        I think the coloured rings will actually look less stark than the contrast between grey and black bases, while still being easily visible.

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