Painting Up My Copy of Zombicide

This past Christmas, I was rather good to myself.  I know that it’s not the time of year where you’re supposed to buy yourself presents, but with Amazon’s Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales, how could I not?   If you’d been watching my Frugal Gaming page for last year, you would’ve seen that I’d treated myself to basically the full suite of Zombicide games including:

  • Wh39kZombicidePainting (1)Zombicide Season 1
  • Zombicide Season 2: Prison Outbreak
  • Zombicide Season 3: Rue Morgue
  • Zombicide: Toxic City Mall
  • Zombicide: Angry Neighbors
  • Zombicide: Lost Zombivors
  • Zombicide: Gaming Night Kit #1
  • Zombicide: Gaming Night Kit #2 – Black Friday
  • Zombicide: Gaming Night Kit #3 – Zombie Trap
  • Zombicide: Dog Companions

So yeah, I went a little nutty on things, but they were on sale and I was in the black, plus had a gift certificate burning a hole in my pocket.  Yes, I know it was dumb and impulsive, but I’m still happy with my purchase (for now–though I’m sure I’ll live to regret it).

Until then, I’m going to enjoy what I have though.

Wh39kZombicidePainting (2)When I first played the game, Simon brought his kit over and he had the first three boxes, so there was more diversity and more challenge overall.  He also took the time to paint up his zombies, and that helped immerse ourselves into the game.  Later, when we played it with Brandon, it was still fun, but not to the same level.  Sure, that might have something to do with the fact that we’d played it a few times and it lost it’s original luster, but I attributed it to a combination of fewer choices and no paint jobs.  So, I decided that I despite my inability to actually paint 40k models, when I bought the game I was going to to paint up the figures for myself–well, at least the zombies.

The zombies are far easier to paint because you don’t want to paint all of the detail, as it would add too much color to the board.  Zombies must be simple and easy to pick out so that the characters stand out (ironically an argument I ignored completely when it came to painting my buildings).

Anywho, a wild hair struck me one Saturday night and I wound up painting all of the zombies from the base box, plus those from… well, I don’t remember which boxed set they came in.  Let’s just say I painted up all of the standard zombies for the kits mentioned above in a single evening.  I started by priming them black, then spraying them gray, then layering up two levels of drybrushing, and then wetbrushing the skin with a white paint.

In total, I believe there are 114 zombies in the lot (though I could be off a smidge–certainly over 100), which really isn’t bad in a single evening’s work.  These represent about a third of the total miniatures in these boxes, and nearly half of the total amount of zombies.

Considering I only painted a total of 32 models all last year, I’d say this counts as starting the year of on the right foot…




12 comments on “Painting Up My Copy of Zombicide

    • I don’t recall how many models were in the base set, but with the boxes I had purchased for “xmas,” I had a total of about 280 to paint total. I actually knocked them all out inside a week, but I’ve written blog posts about each type of zombie, so those wills stretch out over the next month.

      There are also about 36 characters that I’ve started painting, and they’ll get posted later.

      On Wed, Jan 13, 2016 at 4:43 AM, Warhammer 39,9999 wrote:


  1. You’ve got me beat by a landslide. Not only did your zombies look great but you completed so many in such a short timespan. Nice job!

    • You’re the entire inspiration for me doing this anyway. Aside from the blood effects, I suspect our zombies look quite similar. Would be interesting to compare.

      I think the characters you’ve painted look better than mine.

      On Wed, Jan 13, 2016 at 7:09 AM, Warhammer 39,9999 wrote:


  2. The look pretty cool! Are they finished, or do you intend to add something more – particularly to the clothing? They look fine as they are, but I think you could also get away with doing few drab greys, browns and dark blues on the clothes and not spoil the over all effect.

    And are you going to do the bases? I know how much you love painting bases!

    • Sure, I could paint up the clothes a bit, but I don’t plan on doing that. I will (or rather already have) painted up the bases though, and I also went ahead and put a splash of blood on each of the models–expect more blog posts on the subject in the future.

      On Wed, Jan 13, 2016 at 10:29 AM, Warhammer 39,9999 wrote:


      • Nice. This is a game I’ve heard good things about and wish I’d got in on the kickstarter(s?). That feeling of thinking that I can’t get it all puts me off getting any of it, or at least, enables me to keep putting off buying it. Though if I saw it for a bargain price somewhere I’m sure I’d take the plunge.

        I’m intersted in the medieval fantasy version too.

      • I’m not sure what sort of bargain you’d need, or how Amazon operates outside of the US, but I wound up purchasing my copy for around $62 with free shipping (MSRP is $100). I also wound up getting it during a buy 2, get one free sale.

        On Wed, Jan 13, 2016 at 2:40 PM, Warhammer 39,9999 wrote:


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