Easy Wins – Basing Scouts

wh39kScoutBasing (1) (Medium)It’s come to my attention that the lifecycle of painting/modeling in my collection is a tad bit slow at times.  Take for instance, my scouts: All of them are the older metal models that GW stopped making ages ago (I don’t have an exact date, but this thread I dug up on relicnews means that they came out around 2005).  That means they’ve been sitting around in my collection for at least 10 years–and I never did a blog post about them, so logic would dictate that they would’ve been painted longer than five years ago–but I never did get around to basing them.

That can’t be right, can it?  Why would I have based other models and not these?  But why would I have made hobby progress and not included these?

wh39kScoutBasing (2) (Medium)You think a guy would create a blog to document hobby progress, eh?

For whatever reason, these have been sitting around for a while unbased, and I’ve been looking at them knowing I needed to do it, but not working up the gumption to actually expel the effort.  Well, since I’m looking for easy wins, and these guys were already painted (and as of yet, not based), this certainly fit the bill.

Just like my recently based Legion of the Damned, these utilized a pile of spare bases that I’d completed back in 2012, so the effort involved in the lot involved snipping their slotta tabs off, finding a suitable base from the lot, drilling the base and their feet and pinning them to it.  But that’s not all!

wh39kScoutBasing (3) (Medium)It turns out that one of these models (the Cadian sniper standing up in the third row) I had forgotten to paint the rock he was standing on, so that means I actually had to apply three coats of dry brush to the rock to make it look right.  And in that instant, this went from a modelling post to a painting post!  Of course, I didn’t think ahead to photograph him separately, so it’s hard to make out the 2 minutes of painting that was done (including drying time).

Sure, it’s a stretch, but I’ll take it.  I haven’t painted a model since July (and those were dipped).  If you’re talking about something that wasn’t dipped, you have to go all of the way back to February since I applied paint to a model (at least according to my blog posts–perhaps I started painting something and just haven’t finished yet?).  Still, that’s way too long since I’ve completed something.

While I was rebasing, I also went through some of my Ultramarines and found some models that needed a little extra touching up.  The arm had fallen off the techmarine, and Telion & the Assault marine had come apart from their bases so I glued them all back on (that’s why you see more than just the scouts in the pictures).

wh39kScoutBasing (4) (Medium)Sure, it’s not a huge achievement, but I’m not looking for that just yet.  I’m still working on easy wins that may transition into real progress one day.

Baby steps…


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