Legion of the Damned – Based

Wh39kLotD (7) (Medium)In keeping with the theme of easy wins, the natural progression from me to step up from Centurius was to go back and rebase my Legion of the Damned squad.  I started assembling these guys back in 2013, and it was a full year later before I started painting them.  Now, it’s been another year, and I’m finally getting around to basing them–so that sounds about my standard pace for models.

Wh39kLotD (5) (Medium)Since the models were already painted, I just had to base them.  In order to show you just how little effort I’m willing to call hobby progress, I’m going to be honest and tell you that I didn’t even do the bases.  Those all were done back in 2012 when I was basing my IG at the time and did up a bunch of spare bases for future projects.  I just had to reach into a draw and pull out the appropriate bases for each guy, chop off their tabs, drill pin-holes and glue them in place.

Wh39kLotD (9) (Medium)Of course, when your baseline for several months is zero hobby progress, even doing an hour or two of work really stands out.  It also didn’t help that my superglue nozzle is completely glued shut, so I have to go buy another one (I did all of these by pouring the glue out and applying the glue to each model/base with the end of a paper-clip).

As always, I tried to include a mixture of basing types, though I must admit that I tried to include extra bits of corpses on these basis, to compliment the bone armor.  In at least on case, I included a full torso on the base, but it’s largely obscured by the model walking over it–not one of my better ideas.  Oh well, it’s progress!  And that this point, I’ll take what I can get.

Wh39kLotD (11) (Medium)I did debate whether I wanted to base these guys in a lava them (of which I have a huge amount of lava bases from back-to-basix that I’ll probably never use).  I ultimately decided that–though it would look cool–it was more important to have them thematically fit in with the rest of my force.  So, those bases when back to the shelf, possibly never to be seen again…

I’ve tried to include at least one photo of each model and, per usual, you can click on the thumbnails throughout to see the larger images.  As always, thanks for stopping by…

Wh39kLotD (8) (Medium)  Wh39kLotD (6) (Medium) Wh39kLotD (10) (Medium)




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