Sergeant Centurius

Wh39kLotD (2) (Medium)Last year, I wrote a series on my struggles to paint up my Legion of the Damned squad (who, according to rumors, may not be in the Space Marine codex at all for 7th edition).  Anywho, I wound up finishing the paint job on every member of the squad in December of 2014, but for some reason, I never posted any pictures of Centurius.

Logic (and my fading memory) seem to indicate that I didn’t post his pictures because he wasn’t done at the time, and I only painted him soon after; however, that was six months ago and I apparently have never posted a picture of him, so I figured I’d do so now.

Before doing this, I took the time to base up the rest of the squad (another post on that soon, as I had some models that have been lacking in bases for far longer that have finally been updated).

Wh39kLotD (1) (Medium)Anywho, this is my Legion of the damned sergeant (or at least one of them).  I really like this model more than most probably do because he was a classic model from the days when I first started playing (or at least not too long after) and he was a really rare find back in the day.  Of course, then he had a series of special rules that are seemingly now gone (or maybe they’re buried in the LoTD supplement?)

Whatever the case, I had a good time painting him up and I opted to paint his skull green because I couldn’t remember what the classic ‘Eavy Metal paintjob looked like, but I did recall it was distinctively colored and figured he already had enough orange/yellow with the flames.

I actually wrote this post in June of last year, but I’ve been sitting on it because I’ve just been too lazy to go take pictures of the “completed” model (well, he wasn’t based yet).  I guess this says a bit about my hobby progress as of late (which is to say, none).  It came to my attention that one of my regular readers (and rare commenters) messaged me to see if there was something wrong with the blog–which he figured because I hadn’t posted anything as of late).  So, I figured it was time to stop whoring out my ebay auctions and finally get to some real content.  Of course, I wanted to ease myself back into the fold, so I opted to go with a model that was practically done.

Wh39kLotD (4) (Medium)So, I just wound up basing him (and seemingly chipping part of the paint on his foot–now that I look at it–so I’ll have to go back and touch that up).  Hopefully this inspires me to get back into the fold… I guess time will tell.

As always, feel free to click on the pictures for a larger image–and thanks for stopping by…

Wh39kLotD (3) (Medium)




6 comments on “Sergeant Centurius

    • Thanks. For the flesh, I just wanted to go with something a little sickly–but not too divergent from “normal” tones.

      As for the green skull, I don’t know what the heck I was thinking. Part of me thought that was what the classic paint job was, but I can’t find any others that reference that color scheme. More likely, it just works better with my 2nd edition scheme of bold colors, and potentially some subconscious reference to a sci-fi movie (maybe Indiana Jones?)

      On Mon, Nov 16, 2015 at 7:45 AM, Warhammer 39,9999 wrote:


  1. Looks great.
    If you’re not aware by now, only the rules for the skull still exist. It’s called the Animus Malorum, and can be given to any single sergeant from the LotD supplement.

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