BFG and Epic for Sale

wh39kEpic&BFG (48) (Medium)With my frugal gaming goals still in the red for the year, I need to do something to bring me into the black–and fast.  I tend not to put up auctions over the Christmas holidays, figuring that less people will be spending for themselves at that time of year, so that only leaves a few weeks to cash in.  That’s where you come in…

Last week, I posted a question about the value of some Epic & Battlefleet gothic models.  I did get some helpful replies in identifying things (particularly from Lasgunpacker and from Angelic Despot–so I figured the least I could do is put up a link and potentially send a little traffic to their blogs (of course, Angelic Despot hasn’t got one of his own, despite years of prodding on my part).  Anywho, though I did get help identifying models, I really didn’t get much traction in figuring out what things are worth.  I also made a post on the oldhammer facebook group, and it drummed up a fair bit of interest, but again, not a lot of help in pricing (though one guy told me which sharks to stay away from, and that my stuff was potentially worth thousands).

wh39kEpic&BFG (29) (Medium)With no more to go on than that, I did what I always do:  turn to eBay.  Again, I put it all up with auctions starting at $.01 and I’ll let the market dictate the value.  Something I did differently this time was to remove the shipping fees entirely.   The thought process is that it will help entice people to buy any of the cheaper models for more total cost (rather than relying on those to sell to people using combined shipping).  The down side is that I could lose money on auctions if the bids don’t go high enough (hopefully that won’t be the case).

I think realistically, it will probably do about the same–except this time I’ll have this big fee from the post office and I won’t have any way to make myself feel better about it.  So, while I expect that the total might come out to be the same (or possibly a little higher) when offering free shipping, I suspect my personal feelings at the end will be negative.  Oh well, time will tell.

For goodies this week, it’s entirely Epic and Battlefleet related, including stuff from:

  • wh39kEpic&BFG (1) (Medium)Epic Orks
  • Epic Tyranids
  • Epic Imperials (both IG and Marines)
  • Epic Eldar
  • BFG Ordnance
  • BFG Chaos/Orks/Adeptus
  • etc.

Virtually everything is unassembled/unprimed and waiting for a new home.  Much of it is still on the sprue/in the blisters.  I’ve also got a fair number of extra blisters/boxes that I didn’t list (because they were duplicates), so if someone winds up winning one of those auctions, I’ll happily sell them extra boxes at the same price.  That includes:

  • wh39kEpic&BFG (22) (Medium)Imperial Baneblades
  • Imperial Thunderhawks
  • Tyranid Swarms

So, what are you waiting for, check out my auctions here.

See my Epic & Battlefleet auctions here!


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