The Great Eldar Sell-off of 2015!

It’s that time of year again, when the garage is overflowing with stuff and I have to move things.  Enter eBay, and yet another mass exodus of models from my garage.

This time, the auctions are all Eldar related (at least for now).  The auctions all went live last night and includes a ton of models, including:

  •  AvatarPainted (1) (Medium)35+ Jetbikes (most with Scatter Lasers or Shuriken Cannons)
  • 15+ Vyper Jetbikes
  • 200+ Aspect Warriors
  • 100+ Guardians
  • 15+ Weapon Platforms
  • 25x Wraithguard
  • 3x Eldar Falcons
  • Assorted Characters (at least one of each Phoenix Lord, etc.)
  • 4x Armorcast Tanks (Tempest/Scorpions & Falcon)

I’m having a hard time thinking of what isn’t included.  There are Wraithlords and War walkers, Warlocks & Farseers–just about everything you could possibly want.  There are a bunch of old rogue-trader era Guardians, Harlequin Jetbikes, new in the blister stuff, multiple Eldrads, and more.  HawkAutarch (1) (Medium)Off the top of my head, I know I don’t have any Fire Prisms or the Support Weapon Batteries included, but everything else you could want.  Seriously, go check it out.

As always, I’ve started all auctions at $.01 and will let the market dictate what things are worth.  I expect that the prices will mostly be reasonable at the end, but every time I do this, there’s always at least one auction that goes for pennies on the dollar–so if you’re at all interested, feel free to make a crazy low-ball bid.  Someone’s bound to win something at those prices.

The pictures in this article are of some of the better painted models I’m selling (ok, they’re the two best painted models).  These are some of those that I know will likely wind up going far to cheaply at the end.

Also, if you keep watching, I need to do a couple more of these mass auctions before the end of the year.  Still to come?  I need to sell of a bunch of marines, IG, skaven, WHFB chaos, Epic, and more.  If there’s anything specific you’re looking to pick up from that stuff, ping me and I’ll let you know if I have it.

Thanks for dropping by!

Check out my ebay auctions here!


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