Basing Tyranids

So, with my Tyranids recently dipped, the next step was to base them before I could truly play with them (ignore the fact that I’ve already played a game with some of the models).  For this, I turned back to my old standby for forest bases.

To handle this, I largely followed my original tutorial on making forest bases, but I made some minor tweaks this time around due to necessity:

  • wh39kbase (2)I didn’t include any wood/trees in the lot.  I figured this was a small enough lot that you wouldn’t notice when they get combined with the rest of the army.
  • I included more metal scrap.  This is because I happened to have Cole’s bits box in front of me when I was working on bases, so I just rolled with that.
  • I used “coarse pumice gel” instead of “extra coarse” as I normally use.  I’m not sure that I don’t like this output better though.  The finished product when using “coarse” is a sandy consistency, whereas “extra coarse” includes lots of small rocks.  Coarse did a better job of covering up blemishes, and building up.  I might make this the new standard (Especially because I have more of this lying around).
  • I used different colors of paint–still staying with brown/black, but I just used what I had available.
  • I used different amounts of the various static grass colors (not pictured) since I was running out of “burnt grass.”

wh39kbase (1)In total though, the outputs are very similar to the others.  I also wound up using some tree bark chips from the garden as suitable replacements for rocks (in the past, I used actual small rocks).  These work better because they’re lighter, and because I can drill through them if I need to pin something.  In order to prevent it from chipping/breaking in the future, I painted each with a coat of Elmer’s glue mixed with water before priming them with black gesso.

Of course, these photos don’t show the finished product, but they give an idea of the work in progress.  Things definitely seem to include more metal scrap than previous iterations, but now that they’re painted, they all seem to blend in well with the rest of the models.

Soon I’ll work up some completed pics of each of the models/units and then I’ll have to do an updated army shot–because 14,000 points of bugs just wasn’t enough models I guess…



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