The Last Tyranids I’ll Ever Paint (v4.0)

Yup, I’m working on version 4.0.  For those that have been reading the blog since 2010, you might be familiar with the previous three attempts at completing my Tyranid army:

At this point, I know that I’ll most likely paint another bug one day and have to stain things again, so it’s more of a running gag.  Still, it almost seems realistic that this could be the last time, as the only models I don’t have physically painted are:

  • Venomthropes (I’ll most likely use some of the Hordes models if I need to use them, but I figure Malanthropes will work smashingly as a substitute)
  • Tyrannocytes (or whatever they call the drop pods now, but I have my pods of yesteryear that can fill in there)
  • Old One Eye (but any carnifex with a skull showing through can work for him, right?)

wh39kLictorReally, I think that I have every other option in the current codex built and painted–most with magnetized weapon arms, plus some other random models.  So, until they release a new ‘dex with great units or Forgeworld puts out something I just can’t live without, I’m good with what I have.

Well, that is if you include these guys.  These six lictors (five regular + one deathleaper) round out my army.  I never gave these guys all that much credit, but apparently, they’re being used to some success out there.  When combining them with my toxicrenes (still a work in progress), that will complete my Hive Fleet.

But then again, I thought I was done before.  Any bets on how long it takes before I write my next “last Tyranid I’ll ever paint” post?



6 comments on “The Last Tyranids I’ll Ever Paint (v4.0)

  1. I forget, do Nids have a 7th codex yet? If not then I’d say a few months before you’re at it again at the rate their churning those out.

    • They don’t–at least not officially. Their book came out in January 2014 and 7th was released in June, right?

      But are the new books really adding any units, or are they just fleshing out existing ones? I still haven’t picked up the 7th edition marine ‘dex, but I hear that the units are largely the same as the old book. I’m not sure there are any new models at all–but new wargear/options.

      On Mon, Jul 13, 2015 at 7:37 AM, Warhammer 39,9999 wrote:


      • Mostly it does seem to be fixing internal balance and such with a smattering of new stuff. Marines Devs can now take grav weapons for example. Not a new unit but a new option. Maybe at worst you would have to setup some new arms or something.

      • Yeah, that’s likely the case–but since everything is magnetized, it doesn’t seem like the likelihood of changes means I’d have to redo anything–unless they come out with altogether new options. I guess they could allow you to buy lashwhips on an existing model or something? Even then, I can just use existing ones from either the warriors or the tyrant. It’d have to be something completely new.

        Magnetization for the win!

        On Mon, Jul 13, 2015 at 7:53 AM, Warhammer 39,9999 wrote:


  2. I do distinctly remember reading a rumor about nids getting a “new” lord of war super heavy. It has been rumored back and forth for quite some time, and is supposedly in plastic. That tells me they are still ripe for a codex revamp at some point with a decurion style, and a new giant model that everyone absolutely must have.

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