Batrep: Hive Fleet Proteus vs. Imperial Fists (1850pts)

We had a pretty great turn-out for games this past week and surprisingly, almost everyone brought a 40k army, so we actually got to squeeze in a game.  I wound up playing against Sam, who had already made a list, and I made up my own while he setup terrain.

Hive Fleet Proteus:

  • wh39kHierovSam (1)HQ:
    • Flyrant w/ Twin-linked Devourers (Onslaught, Psychic Scream, Dominion)
  • Elites:
    • 1x Zoanthrone (Warp Blast & Catalyst)
  • Troops:
    • 1x Mucolid Spore
    • 1x Mucolid Spore
    • 1x Mucolid Spore
  • Fast Attack:
    • 3x Spore Mines
    • 3x Spore Mines
    • 3x Spore Mines
    • 3x Spore Mines
    • 3x Spore Mines
    • 3x Spore Mines
    • 3x Spore Mines
    • 3x Spore Mines
    • 3x Spore Mines
    • 3x Spore Mines
    • 3x Spore Mines
    • 3x Spore Mines
    • 3x Spore Mines
    • 3x Spore Mines
  • Heavy Support:
    • 1x Carnifex w/ twin-linked Devourers
    • 1x Carnifex w/ twin-linked Devourers
  • Lord of War:
    • Hierophant

Prior to the game, one of the guys started talking a lot about spore mines and how it would be great to see all of them in action, and Sam was totally on board with it, so that really formed the base of the list.

I was going to start with Deathleaper as my HQ, but he’s not yet painted up, so I stuck with the Flyrant, and then added a ton of spore mines and Mucolid spores (because they’re essentially spore mines, right?).  While making the list, Sam said he was up for anything, and I’ve been toying with the idea of playing with a hierophant, so I figured why not?

That pretty much set my list for me, as he’s over half of my points by myself.  I put in a couple of dakka-fexes into the mix because they could give me some shooting power and some assault power if I needed them, and I dropped a couple of extra spores for a Zoanthrope because the Flyrant was clearly not going to be enough synapse for an entire force–and that was my list.

Honestly, in looking at it, it’s pretty crazy as it’s both unbound (something I rarely–if ever?–do) and has a Lord of War, but I figured it does have a glaring weakness: I only have four units that can really hold objectives, and three of them are relatively easy to gun down, considering he can focus fire on them.  At least, that’s my justification for taking a 1000 point model in an 1850 point game…

Sam’s Iron Fists

Sam brought his custom marine chapter and played with the Imperial Fists chapter tactics.  He says they use a lot of drop pods and they’re obviously also yellow, so it would then make a logical rule set for him to use for his chapter traits…

  • wh39kHierovSam (2)HQ:
    • Chapter Master: Term Armor Thunder Hammer Digital Lasers Primarch’s Wrath
  • Elites:
    • 5x Terminator Squad 1 Assault Cannon
    • Ironclad Dreadnaught Assault Launchers, Heavy Flamer, Meltagun, Impact Hammer, 2 Hunter Killer Missles.  in drop pod
    • 10x Sternguard 2 Heavy Flamers, Sergent Powerfist in Drop pod w/ deathwind
  • Troops:
    • 10x Tac squad: Missle Launcher with Flakk, Meltagun. Vet Sergent Powerfist Combimelta in drop pod
    • 10x Tac squad: Missle Launcher with Flakk, Flamer. Vet Sergent Powerfist Combiflamer, Locator Beacon in Drop Pod w/ Deathwind Launcher
  • Heavy Support:
    • 10x Devastator Squad: 1 Plasma Cannon, 3 Multimeltas, Vet Sergent Power Axe, Combiplasma in Drop Pod
wh39kHierovSam (3)Sam loves his drop pods–the only thing he didn’t bring in a pod was a squad of Terminators, which he opted to deep strike in.  It was certainly going to make him very mobile (at least at the start of the game).
As for combat squads, he only opted to combat squad the devs because that’s something he does every game.  When he deployed he had considered breaking others into combat squads, which prompted us reading the rule.  It turns out that you have to decide to break into combat squads before you roll for warlord traits–which is essentially before the game begins.  At that point, nobody would’ve been deployed and you wouldn’t know who has first turn.  Granted, there’s not a big disadvantage to breaking into combat squads, so it would probably be a good idea.
He didn’t bother though (not sure if he was holding his own feet to the fire, or maybe he just didn’t want to use the rule).  For whatever reason, only the devs broke up on entry.

Mission & Deployment:

wh39kHierovSam (5)Our mission was Cloak and Shadows (the Maelstrom of War mission where you don’t tell your opponents which objectives you’re trying to obtain and you get to draw up to three per turn).  It suggests deploying on short table edges, but we wound up playing with board corners because I had discovered my Tyranid terrain and suggested that we replace some of the buildings with that–to make things more fluffy and to give my Hierophant some area to move around.  I took the corner with that terrain (As it was more flavorful) and I wound up winning the roll for deployment so I deployed first and took the second turn.

The mindset there was it behooved me to take second turn so that I had something to shoot at when his pods initially deployed.

For Warlord Traits, I don’t rightfully recall what we rolled up.  Oh yeah, I had -1 to enemy reserve rolls (which actually helped delay at least one unit), and he had …  Oh, it was the one where he would get to re-roll the D3 for objectives with 1d3 victory points.

Turn 1: Space Marines

This is the first turn I’ve ever seen someone get first blood on the very first die roll of the game.  Sam had an objective that mandated he had to have twice as many objectives as I have and at least two total to score D3 victory points.  wh39kHierovSam (7)With three pods coming down, he had a possibility of dropping three pods and holding three objectives with them, and then having a squad scurry out of one of the pods and run over to grab a forth to start the game with D3 objectives (which he could reroll if he didn’t like the score).

The very first pod tried to hit near a building and wound up scattering 10″ off the board (when 9″ would’ve kept him on the board).  That lead to the drop pod misshaping (did you even know that drop pods could mishap when scattering off the board?  I sure didn’t), and having a catastrophic accident which wiped out two squads (tacticals and drop pod) before either of us had a chance to fire a shot.

Otherwise, he dropped a devastator squad that combat-squaded upon landing and held an objective between the three units (including the drop pod), and another dropped and held a second objective in a ruin.  His shooting was light, and wound up doing little damage to me through a few random snapshots.

Score: Space marines: 0 – Tyranids: 0+1

Turn 1: Hive Fleet Proteus

With only five units on the table (each of which consisted of only a single model), I didn’t have all that many opt–but I took a little while to plan out what I was going to do.

wh39kHierovSam (9)My Hierophant surged forward to hold an objective and to gun down a nearby drop pod (I wasn’t able to explode it, but it was precariously perched, so Sam wound up removing it in a later turn).  It was nice to see that his gun has been improved to AP3, even at the loss of a few shots.  I’d consider it an upgrade from what it was last edition.

Anywho, the Flyrant swooped forward and shot into a tactical squad that had a flakk missile in such a way that the second wound would’ve killed the missile launcher, but despite rolling 10+ wounds, Sam only failed a single armor save.  Doh!

One Carnifex found itself out of position, so he hung back on an objective, but was sure to stay within 12″ of my Zoanthrope for a little synaptic love.  The other carney advanced the minimum distance so that he, with the help of the psychic power onslaught, was able to get into cover and still tap the other drop pod for two hull points (which is when I learned that drop pods no longer suffer a hull point of damage when they arrive from deep strike).

I did manage to score two points for holding objectives with a hierophant and a dakkfex, and passed the turn to Sam.

Score: Space marines: 0 – Tyranids: 2+1

Turn 2: Space Marines

Sam’s terminators came down, along with his sternguard, but my warlord trait did manage to delay his Ironclad for a turn.  wh39kHierovSam (12)The Terminators came down in the open towards the center of the board (I’m guessing he was trying to avoid mishaps), and the Sternguard came down in the heart of my deployment zone and unleashed a ton of flame and poisoned shots at my backfield carnifex.  With two flamers and 16 shots that wound on 2+, I thought he was a goner for sure, but the net result is that he took only a single wound.

Elsewhere, my flyrant took hits from a flakk missle and an errant multi-melta to strip off half of her life, but she passed the grounding test.  Aside from that, there was a bit of small arms fire at my other ‘fex that may have one a wound or two to him.

Sam managed to score a point because all of the objectives had been revealed, and then it was time for the bugs to rampage again…

Score: Space marines: 1 – Tyranids: 2+1

Turn 2: Hive Fleet Proteus

All of my units starting running in a big clockwise circle around the board.  This wasn’t my intent, but it’s definitely what wound up happening.

wh39kHierovSam (15)The Hierophant skittered off to a nearby tactical squad, killing half of it in shooting, making the charge, and killing all but the powerfirst with his normal attacks, then stomping him twice with three stomp attacks, killing him instantly (and earning another point for capturing that objective for me).

My flyrant glided over the multi-melta devs and unloaded a measley 7 shots into them, most of which he saved.  And my two carnies and Zoanthrope moved towards the sternguard, hoping to kill them, but doing enough wounds to break them out of my charge range.  Sadly, they escaped the charge, hiding behind the drop pod.

I guess one thing I didn’t mention is that I did get in a little over half of my spore mines as reserves this turn.  Some of them hit, some of them scattered off into the mishap table (half of which wound up being delayed and the other half were out of position).  They wouldn’t be able to do anything until next turn anyway.

The good news is that I had to score two objectives, which I did, and kill enemy characters, which the Hierophant did, so that earned me 3VPs for the turn.

Score: Space marines: 1 – Tyranids: 5+1

Turn 3: Space Marines

The Ironclad was again delayed (though he rolled a 2 this turn, so I can’t exactly take credit for that), so Sam was forced to use the units on the board to accomplish his missions.  wh39kHierovSam (20)Being space marines, the Sternguard rallied and advanced again towards my objectives and poured more fire into the same Carnifex as last turn, only to an extra wound or two–but not enough to finish it off.

The terminators advanced as well, pouring firepower into another Carnifex and stripping a single wound off of it.  The rest of Sam’s forces also managed to strip another wound off my flyrant (who again passed her grounding test), leaving me with three monstrous creatures that were all nearly dead.  For those of you thinking that Sam should’ve been focusing fire on individual models rather than spreading it out, the reason he was doing this was because his army arrived in drop pods and it was all spread out.  Essentially, each unit was shooting at it’s best target of opportunity each round–but sadly that meant that there wasn’t a single target that everything could fire at.

The good news is that Sam managed to hold three objectives and score D3 victory points (which was 3 after a re-roll) bringing the score much closer than it had been.

Score: Space marines: 4 – Tyranids: 5+1

Turn 3: Hive Fleet Proteus

By this time, my spores had started coming in, and even getting some charges in place, but I’m not sure the little spores ever did a single unsaved wound to his marines the entire game.  Likewise, he didn’t bother shooting at them because they were so insignificant.  wh39kHierovSam (23)That isn’t to say they were worthless: I was still able to use them to limit the movement of his units and keep them corralled in certain areas (particularly, his terminators).

With my forces all significantly wounded, I was a little worried about my long term prospects, so I started clumping the remaining units together at the far end of the board, away from his plasma and melta.  This involved hopping my Flyrant over his terminators and unloading on them again.  She, along with the two carnies, was able to do take out only one or two terminators, despite an unusually high hit/wound rate.

My Hierophant, on the other hand, was wildly successful in killing sternguard–taking out all but one out (Actually, I’m not sure this happened specifically this turn, or maybe it was next turn.  What I can tell you is that they did wind up breaking (again) and regrouping (again) before the end of the game).

I scored a single victory point for my Hierophant’s toe, which was still in the enemy’s deployment zone, and passed the turn.

Score: Space marines: 4 – Tyranids: 6+1

Turn 4: Space Marines

wh39kHierovSam (27)The Ironclad dropped down and unloaded his weaponry into a nearby ‘fex destroying it (which was really Sam’s first kill of the game–as I’m excluding spore mines since they don’t really count).  Likewise, the other units in his army managed to take out the other ‘fex as well.

But not before his Chapter Master called in an orbital bombardment which wound up deviating on top of his ironclad’s drop pod (but didn’t hurt it!).

His Sternguard shimmied over into a hole surrounded by spore mines and held an objective for a victory point, and he earned another for killing off a Monstrous Creature, so he was able to keep the score close.


Score: Space marines: 6 – Tyranids: 6+1

Turn 4: Hive Fleet Proteus

wh39kHierovSam (30)In order to keep accomplishing objectives, I needed to take out a drop pod.  I also wanted to deal with that pesky ironclad before he had a chance to do any more damage to my army.

So, I wound up splitting the Hierophant’s fire half into the drop pod and half into the Ironclad (after failing to destroy the pod with my Flyrant).  That managed to take out the pod completely and I at least immobilized the dread and was able to run the Zoanthrope out of range (but still within scoring 3″ of the objective) so he couldn’t shoot at me.  That earned me another two victory points for the turn.

Score: Space marines: 6 – Tyranids: 8+1

Turn 5: Space Marines

wh39kHierovSam (33)I couldn’t see what Sam’s objectives were, but he got a little ballsy with his HQ in trying to snipe my Flyrant out of the air–but that didn’t work out for him.  Despite having only one wound left, she managed to survive the turn.  Otherwise, his Sternguard snuck around the side of some terrain and started laying waste to various squads of spore mines (though I can’t rightfully recall exactly why he was doing it).  On the right flank, the other two squads were slowing being surrounded by spores (both the small–ineffective–ones and the larger Mucolids)–but they were having a doozy of a time taking out the larger ones.

Score: Space marines: 6 – Tyranids: 8+1

Turn 5: Hive Fleet Proteus

wh39kHierovSam (36)My Hierophant popped around the corner and made his HQ (with only one wound yet) pay the ultimate price for trying to pick my Flyrant out of the air.  The zoanthrope warp blasted the ironclad into oblivion, and my Flyrant took out the last sternguard, and my Mucolids took out 4 out of the five remaining marines.   In total, that left just a single model on the table for him, but the game wound up ending before I’d have a chance to take that guy out.

Score: Space marines: 6 – Tyranids: 10+3

What I Learned:

  1. wh39kHierovSam (38)The decision to break into combat squads is made before the game starts. Technically it’s made before you roll for warlord traits, but it’s good to know that you can’t do it in reaction to the table halves or deployment.
  2. Dreadnoughts (walkers) can fire all of their weapons each turn.  I typically don’t load up on hunter killer missiles because I think I can’t fire all of my weapons, but I guess you can?
  3. Gargantuan Creatures have Feel No Pain.  In fact, gargantuan creatures all get Fear, Feel No Pain, Hammer of Wrath, Move Through Cover, Relentless, Smash, and Strikedown.  Hell, even after reading that, I didn’t use all of those rules during the game.  Feel no pain is pretty great as a “free” upgrade.  They also get a 12″ move and…
  4. Stomp is now in addition to your attacks.  In previous editions, you could forgo your normal attacks for a stomp attack, but now I get to make an additional attack that thumps things I’m in combat with?  Sign me up.  It really helped that I rolled a 6 on the damage table…
  5. Drop Pods don’t take a hull point of damage on landing.  I swear this was the case in previous editions. I actually called Sam on this, but he was right in this instance.  The rule clearly says it acts as if it’s suffered an immobilized result, but it doesn’t take the hull point of damage.  That’s good to know.
  6. I should take into consideration ranges for psychic attacks during movement.  Twice during the game I didn’t consider this and wound up suffering because of it.

5 comments on “Batrep: Hive Fleet Proteus vs. Imperial Fists (1850pts)

  1. Excellent battle report. Great write up and nice use of pictures throughout. Look forward to reading future ones.

    • I’m sure if I ran into one in real life, I’d have to change my underpants, but those spindly legs make it looks significantly less terrifying to me as a model. Of course, if my opponent dropped one on the table, I might have to rethink that…

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