Stained Glass Windows – Some Love from Reddit

I’m an old fart.

wh39kStainedGlass (1)I guess I’m not a complete stick-in-the-mud yet, but I eschew a lot of new technological offerings in favor of the way we did things in the “good old days.”  (This is more than a little ironic seeing as I work in information technology).  I’m sure I’m exaggerating here, because I do try to stay abreast of new tech in general, but I am rarely (if ever) considered an early adopter, if I ever latch onto it at all.  I came to facebook only begrudgingly after Myspace completely faltered and I had no friends on it.  Twitter I saw as an evolution of EZboard and other message board systems with an arbitrary 140 character limit–but both of those I eventually succumbed to.

There are a ton of other startups that have gained traction that I don’t have the faintest of interest in: Digg, Pinterest, Snapchat, & Instagram to name a few.  I just don’t see the point.  Reddit is another fine example: it’s just another message board.  I’ve seen some good stuff on there (found through links from Google searches), but when I actually tried to visit, it’s a pretty massive haystack with very few needles.  There’s a lot of trolls and it reminds me of my previous online message board days.  I’m not particularly proud of how I spent my time those days, so I choose to stay away.

But there are occasional gems sometimes.  When doing research for an upcoming blogpost (spoiler alert: about Chinese Counterfeiting), I came across the fact that I was getting some views from Reddit.  In particular, this reddit thread, where someone had used my stained glass windows in his Shrine of the Aquila just a few months ago.

The fact that someone used my templates should be enough to make me smile.  I mean, they thought enough of my idea to use it, and expanded upon their modelling arsenal to include transparencies (I can only assume he wasn’t using them prior to that), but what really made me happy was the comments he was getting in that thread:

  • Wow! That, dear Sir, is an awesome piece of terrain. Be assured, that I will shamelessly copy your idea 😉
  • I upvoted then I downvoted just so I could upvote it again. Fantastic work!
  • GOD DAMN, those windows are an amazing touch.
  • I’d pay infinity-1 moneys to buy 12 of those.
  • Let me tell you what I thought the second I saw this:  “Ho-lee-sh*t. That’s neat.”
  • Are you a wizard?

There are more too, (granted, this is most of them).  And perhaps the best part?  The poster (BigStoney) gave me full credit and even posted a link back to the blog (which is how I became aware of this in the first place).

When I stumbled upon that thread over at Reddit today, my heart beamed a little smile.  It really is nice to feel appreciated.  Big thanks to BigStoney for the shoutout!

And, on a related note, if you search for “Warhammer Stained Glass” on google, my Uriel Ventris image is now #8 on the list (which puts me on the first line of the first page).  The rest of my templates?  Well, they’re way down in the search results, or not there at all, but at least one of them is high up in the rankings!

By the way, if you have no idea what I’m talking about, you can view my stained glass windows here, including a tutorial of how to make stained glass windows for yourself here.






9 comments on “Stained Glass Windows – Some Love from Reddit

  1. Your right it’s nice when somebody appreciates your work and gives you a mention on their blog. I always leave links to other people’s work on my blog and as you mentioned you get some really nice thanks from people😀

    • It’s certainly the right thing to do, but with the internet being such a faceless mass, I forget that there are good people in the world that do the right thing. Thanks again for the kind words.

  2. Well deserved, these are absolutely awesome and may very well make my Old Stuff Day post for 2016 [they actually made this years but I think they deserve a repost 😉 ]

  3. Congrats. It’s a cool feeling when you know your stuff is out there being shared, especially something you’ve already very proud of.

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