Coup for IOS – Free

Earlier this year, I bought a few lightweight travel games for a vacation I had planned.  Most of those games were at least mild successes, including one I reviewed called Coup.  Well, on occasion, I do searches for games I like on my iPhone to find their digital counterparts, and I wound up stumbling across Coup for IOS (which apparently had it’s own kickstarter campaign).

CoupWhen I saw it was free to play, I thought that I had snuck in during it’s initial launch and was truly getting something free, but it turns out that they monetize through in-app-purchases.  You can still play the game for free, and have virtually all of the functionality.  You don’t get to use the classic card style graphics, have limited chat functionality, and can’t scope out your opponents win/bluff percentages without forking over cash, but none of those are necessary to play.

What you do get is a clean port of the game to the iPhone.  The only thing I can see that’s missing is that it you can’t take “Foreign Aid” (Which is where you can take 2 coins, which can be blocked by a Duke).  Other than that, the game seems a perfect port from physical to virtual.  It also says that you can’t simply block a captain, but you have to state whether you yourself have a captain or an ambassador, but that might be part of the original rules that we glossed over.

So, if anyone out there is interested in playing a game, feel free to look me up:

username: wh39999


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