Dimachaerons and Spores, Oh My!

wh39kSpores (2)I wound up painting up some bugs recently, including some Carnifexen that I’d posted earlier.  I arbitrarily separated them from this post in an effort to spread the content out a little bit, but only just now realized that I had a defensible reason for doing so:  All of the models in this post are of Forgeworld origin and are resin, whereas the others are GW and plastic.

Not that anyone reading this blog is doing so for my scintillating segways, mind you…

I owned a set of spores already, so I already had a dedicated painting scheme for them (though they don’t seem to have ever gotten posted, so I’ve nothing to really refer to).  Rest assured, they look much like those pictured here, but they’re dipped and based, so they look quite a bit better.  Actually, if you look at the photo above you can see one of the finished models standing next to the rest of the pack.

wh39kFWLeaper (3)As for the Dimachaeron, I didn’t have any before, so I just winged it.  The scheme is pretty standard for my bugs: blue and bone with some sort of accent.  I didn’t know what color to paint his various innards, and figured that it would look better if it was a variety, but since it’s going to be dipped anyway and that’s on the inside of his chest (therefore it’s where you won’t see it and it’s also where the stain will be congealing), I opted to keep it simple.

His “squad markings” are blue dots, which is something I took to on some of the larger bugs (namely the Hierophants and Tervigons).  I prefer the effect over the generic lines that I’ve done on most of the other bugs, but I do use a few lines on the tail and head to keep it consistent overall.

Feel free to poke around at the thumbnails below to see some larger images…

wh39kSpores (1)  wh39kFWLeaper (4)  wh39kFWLeaper (2)  wh39kFWLeaper (1)




7 comments on “Dimachaerons and Spores, Oh My!

  1. You have this odd desire to defend your posting to us. It’s your blog damn it! 😉

    Those are some cool models and that big guy is going to look awesome once he’s dipped.

      • Just that when you post articles you often defend your posting of a particular article, like WIP work when the models are done or breaking something into two articles that could have been one, etc.

        The segway thing was lost on me honestly.

      • I just post what I think. Since the stated purpose of my blog is for my own benefit, it seems shillish to make WIP posts that just show that I did some minor bit of progress–and worse so to break it into multiple posts.

        After re-reading it, the segway bit went over my head as well. I wonder if I wrote this post late at night? I’m thinking I had written some more in that section and it somehow got deleted, but I didn’t kill the bit about the fact that it was a poor transition. Then again, maybe I was just being particularly cerebral in that the section that transitioned between two different pieces mocking my ability to make segways was completely out of place? Who knows? But it’s lost on me too.

        On Thu, May 14, 2015 at 8:09 AM, Warhammer 39,9999 wrote:


      • haha! That’s often why I setup articles a few days out, ideally, and then proof read them a day after I drafted it to catch that sort of stuff. So often things make sense in the moment that are later incoherent or inconsequential.

      • I write things as much as a month in advance, but don’t bother to proof-read. At worst, it becomes incoherent babble that leads to pithy conversations such as this.

        On Thu, May 14, 2015 at 8:20 AM, Warhammer 39,9999 wrote:


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