Space Hulk – Ultramarines Style (cont’d)

wh39kSHTerms (9)In my previous post, I started writing about the terminators from the Space Hulk board game that had been converted to Ultramarines.  This is merely a continuation of that post.

The thing is, that I think I said about everything that needed to be said there, so I’m not sure what I’m going to talk about here.  Hopefully my stream of consciousness style of writing finds something to grasp onto…

Ok, so in the last post I mentioned that Joe did the conversion work on these guys and that he doesn’t play much.  What I didn’t say is how much I paid for this service.  That didn’t really come up because I–quite frankly–haven’t paid him.

You see, I’ve known Joe for about twenty years now–I even lived with his family for a spell.  While we’ve never been the closest of friends, we do have relatively similar interests and personalities, so that when we do get together, we wind up bonding quite well.  Since we know each other so well, there’s a lot of inherent trust there.  wh39kSHTerms (11)So, when I expressed interest in him doing some conversion work (something he already loves to do), he jumped at the chance.  At the time when he was picking up the models/bits from me, the topic of payment did come up, but he insisted that we’d come to a meaningful arrangement eventually and so we did the deal in good faith.

This is where I should warn you that you should never enter into such a contract: especially among friends.

I’ve been burned by these contracts too many times, as have friends of mine.  I’m sure everyone has such stories, and the reason why is because they’re everywhere.  wh39kSHTerms (13)My most recent example of such a deal is when I traded models to a friend to have him paint my goblins  (for the record, this one hasn’t gone totally south, and there has been some level of progress, so I’m still optimistic that this will work out).

The deal with Joe though?  Well, that’s still up in the air.

Another thing I didn’t mention about Joe is that he has an absurd amount of Space Marines.  Well, maybe I did mention it, but what I might not have said is that he’s looking to get rid of them.  He’s been toying with the idea of selling them for a long time (since he never uses them) and I’ve talked with him about buying them on occasion.  Most of the stuff is older (though he still has quite a bit of new stuff) and the lot includes a very diverse selection of marines of all sorts: Blood Angels, Dark Angels, Crimson Fists, “Golden Eagles” (a chapter I had made the fluff for originally, and he took it to a whole ‘nother level), etc.

wh39kSHTerms (15)And it’s not just a smattering of each force. I’m sure he has enough models for every force to consider them a fairly large army.  It’s always fun to hear him casually toss about numbers in conversation:  “Oh, you want dreadnoughts?  I have 20 of them…”  That isn’t an exact quote, but a general idea of the magnitude.  The dude has A TON of stuff.

So, when he came back and returned the finished Space Hulk models, he also came with an idea of how I could pay them off.  His suggestion: help me sell my stuff.

Realistically, it’s a fairly eloquent solution.  I get to use his expertise in modelling, and he can leverage my experience/ebay account to sell off his models.  It’s really a win/win.  So then, what’s the problem?

wh39kSHTerms (17)I’m lazy.

You see, I really don’t enjoy ebaying.  I really like the thrill of buying models cheap and knowing that I can make a profit off them.  I also kind of like the end result when I actually make the profit–but everything in between is kind of a pain in the arse: storing models in my garage; taking pictures; creating the listings; dealing with buyers; and actually shipping off the goods all take more time/effort that I’m willing to put into it.

Yes, on occasion I wind up looking past that and having ebay sales (like this one or that one), but I’m still sitting a huge mound of space marines of my own that I need to sell.  I can’t work up the level effort required to post my own sales, when I know that it should result in several thousand dollars–why would I want to do the same level of effort and get “nothing” out of it?

Of course, I am getting more than nothing out of it.  I’m getting his services, and I’m also getting to help a friend.  The thing is, I’m at the point in my life where having a little extra cash doesn’t mean much to me (not that I’m calling a few thousand dollars “a little extra cash,” mind you–I’m referring to whatever the monetary equivalent for his services would be).  wh39kSHTerms (19)So, I’d far prefer to pay him in some sort of reasonable cash settlement than to go through the motions to actually sell all of that stuff for him.

Over time though, maybe I’ll break down.  I really should reach out to him and try to square this up.  Maybe if he agrees to break all of the lots up, write descriptions, and take the photos, I can put it up using my ebay account and help him with packaging or something?    I guess time will tell.

The silver lining?  Well, in addition to getting some nicely converted models, I also wound up with a decent story that filled up the majority of this free-style rambling post with pseudo-relevant information.  Now, I only have two more photos to go before I can say this post is long enough.

wh39kSHTerms (21)Why oh why didn’t I include more photos in the first post?

I guess I can spend the rest of the time actually commenting on the models, eh?

As I said before, the bits largely came from various spares I had laying around, including some ultramarines icons, Forgeworld shoulderpads, and various metal Ultramarines bits I’d collected over the years.  Most of the latter came back when GW actually sold bits online (how long ago was that?), and I saw potential in having another cool base from Marneus or the like.  Heck, most of the various metal bits come directly off the current Marneus model or his surrounding bodyguard.  I also wind up picking up large lots locally from time to time, so when they have cool bits, I’ll often keep a few for myself–including anything Ultramarines related.

In my original post on these models, I think I might have said that he also used brass etch, but in retrospect that’s not the case.  I remember looking around for mine, but I couldn’t find it.  So, he wound up taking the models and leaving some open areas where brass etch might fit (though I think most of them he filled in with green stuff).

wh39kSHTerms (23)I have to say that his sculpting ability has really improved over the years.  Granted, he’s not at the level of Jess Goodwin, but for a casual hobbyist that doesn’t play (or seemingly paint), and a father of six kids that doesn’t have time to himself, he’s doing pretty good.

I really like the overall feel of the models.  Granted, the dynamic poses are already great, but the abundance of inverted Omegas on them really pleases me.  Sure, there are things that aren’t exactly to my liking: I don’t tend to like the giant icons on their backs, or loincloths in general, but I’m really pleased with them overall.

So a big thanks to Joe for his help on this one.  One day, I’m sure we’ll work out a proper payment.  😉

And, by the way, there are some more thumbnails of the backs of all of the models below.  You can click on any of them to see a large photo (likewise, any of the “larger” photos in this blog post can be clicked on to see an even larger one).

wh39kSHTerms (10)  wh39kSHTerms (12)  wh39kSHTerms (14)  wh39kSHTerms (16) wh39kSHTerms (18)  wh39kSHTerms (20)  wh39kSHTerms (22)  wh39kSHTerms (24)



3 comments on “Space Hulk – Ultramarines Style (cont’d)

  1. I agree with you about eBaying, I’m selling off my Tau models at the moment and the whole process of making the listing and uploading the pictures and what have you just goes on and on it feels. On the other hand, like you say, I love the part where the payment comes in.

    Great looking models too by the way, really cool!

  2. It can be quite difficult to broach certain subjects and perhaps potential more difficult to do it through the blog, although it can often be eaiser too. I know what you mean about ebay, I’ve still got some of my nephew’s Tau to offload but I’ve been pleasantly surprised at how much better ebay is at integrating delivery services into the process, well in the UK at least that’s the case.

    I’m actually less impressed with the size of the chunk they take for the effort, they may have sropped the insertion fee but the there’s final value, Paypal, and the delivery costs and I recall ebay owning Paypal anyway so they’re double-dipping the profits and no doubt getting kickbacks from the various delivery options.

    As to the models, they look fab, the extra sculpting is very tidy although I’m not sure my mates would have asked for some kind of reimbursement if they’d have done similar. I’m pretty sure my mate Liam built and modelled my mate Ben’s Ghazgkull just for the fun of it, but each to their own. It certainly makes me want the Space Hulk models, although I’m wary of that rather dubious looking targeting scope on the storm bolter.

    • Well, I wrote this a month or so in advance and even told Joe to expect it, but he came over and we discussed it in person and came to an agreement. Maybe I’ll do up a post on that as well for a follow-up on this.

      As for the scope, it does look fragile, but he took the time to pin it on the model. Of course, it still could pop off, but it should be more stable because of it.

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