Painted Tyranids

Wh39kCarnies6 (1)Just last week, I wound up posting a WIP post and here it is just two days later and I’m finished.  In part, I owe the insane progress to the magic of the Internet:  You see, I actually painted these sometime last month, and I’m only now getting around to blogging about it.

Wh39kCarnies6 (2)Shhh, pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.

In all actuality, these did paint really fast, and it’s plausible that I could’ve finished them in just a couple of days.  Matter of factly, I wound up taking the Monstrous creatures and spores and finishing them all in a day, and then I lollygagged instead of painting the arms and they wound up taking me a few evenings (and in one peculiar case, I painted some in the morning before work).

Wh39kCarnies6 (5)So, I figured that, in the interest of having something to post on my blog, I’d wind up putting pictures of these “finished” (but pre-dipped) models up for posterity reasons.  This is because I tried to show someone recently how magical dipping was, and I had a hard time coming up with clear before/after photos.  Hopefully this helps in the future.

In total, painted up six Carnies, all with magnetized arms and squad markings.  I wound up putting them in a couple of different poses to give an idea of the overall feel of the various weapons.  After painting them, I wound up throwing a coat of sealant on them because I’m not sure how long it will be until I break down and dip them (depends almost entirely on my stupidity level and whether I purchase more bugs before that point).

So, I’m going to put the Carnifex photos here, and push the Dima & spores into another post all to themselves.  Look for that in the relatively near future…

Wh39kCarnies6 (2)  Wh39kCarnies6 (2)  Wh39kCarnies6 (7)  Wh39kCarnies6 (6)


2 comments on “Painted Tyranids

  1. “Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain” 🙂 I would never have been able to sustain a blog without the ‘magic of the internet’ and be able to schedule posts for future release. I just wish I had a big stock of content at the moment, it seems like I’m really scraping the barrel to post up and the fact I haven’t been as prolific recently is stressful, which it most definitely shouldn’t be.

    Still, nice Carnies.

    • Your blog is always fantastic. Don’t fret if it goes through a lull, you aren’t a machine, and nobody can keep cranking out the volume and quantity of posts that you’ve managed over the years. Remember that it’s just a lull, and you’ll likely be back to your insane posting schedule in no time. Or, you could just relax and take it easy. It is supposed to be a hobby, right? 🙂

      On Thu, Apr 30, 2015 at 12:21 AM, Warhammer 39,9999 wrote:


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