Tyranid Painting Progress 2015

Wh39kBugWIP (1)Despite having already painting my last Tyranid on multiple occasions, I seem to keep finding myself painting more.  Certainly my tendency to horde things is partly to blame for this, but I also blame GW in making mucolids so good, and releasing the Shield of Baal boxed set–thereby flooding ebay with cheap Carnifeces.

Whomever I blame, I do find myself with more bugs awaiting painting in such a quantity as to be unrealistic that I’d ever play them in a normal game of 40k.  With six new Carnies, a Dimachaeron, and nine more spores, I could almost field them all in 1000 points–and even compact them into a single force organization chart.  Wh39kBugWIP (2)So the idea that I might play them all one day isn’t quite as absurd, I guess?

No, it’s still pretty insane–well, at least outside of Apocalypse.

Be that as it may, I’ve already made the purchase and taken the time to remove them from the sprue and clean all the flash off them, so I’ll be damned if I’m going to leave them as bare plastic.  Painting to a “dipping ready” standard shouldn’t take that long, so I’m off to the races.

Wh39kBugArmsPractically speaking, the big bugs are almost ready for dip (still some squad markings and touch-ups to do, plus some more work on the red–don’t ask me why I paint four layers of red on a model that is just going to get dipped anyway), so now it’s on to the arms and working on the spores.  Then, assuming I don’t do something assanine like purchasing even more bugs, I’m ready for dipping.

It should be noted that I am seriously considering more purchases because of my loathe of the dipping process overall.  Far be it from me to do something stupid like throw more money into a game I rarely play, right?




7 comments on “Tyranid Painting Progress 2015

    • It really all stems from Mucolids being so good. I wanted to get a few more, and I loathe dipping, so I might as well get some more bugs at the same time. Carnies are good, but I never saw the point in having a bunch of them (it’s be rare for me to run more than three), but with the Shield of Baal boxed set driving the prices down temporarily, I figured why not? In hindsight, buying three more was probably ok, but buying six more was fairly ridiculous.

      Not to help your argument, but I also bought six lictors this weekend. Yes, I know that I have a problem…

      On Mon, Apr 27, 2015 at 7:07 AM, Warhammer 39,9999 wrote:


  1. My impulse buying is actually down this year. I took a page out of your book and starting taking note of what I am spending on gaming this year (the amount I have spent in the first 4 months is unsettling). This has helped curb my impulse buying on ebay and allowed me to sell off some stuff I was never going to get around to painting.

    • Thanks. Of course the credit should go to Arabaianknight over at A Year of Frugal Gaming (though that blog seems to have folded long ago).

      I think it’s great that you’re keeping track though. Otherwise, statements like “my impulse buying is down this year,” are unqualified. It’s amazing how many small hobby purchases slip through in a given month. This month I was really bad about buying lots of small lots. But I’m still trending at an acceptable level over the long term.

      By the way, do you have a blog or a public accounting of your spending? I’m always interested in seeing how I compare to others…

      • I have just recently started my own blog (http://standwargaming.blogspot.co.uk/), I haven’t put up the spending yet, but it is something I should probably do once I get everything running with the site.
        I’ve only been keeping a running total since January this year, I think if I totalled up how much I have spent on gaming over the years it would be terrifying! But its something I love doing and get a lot of enjoyment out of.

      • Wow, that has to be the most thorough Apoc batrep I’ve ever seen. How did you manage to capture all of that detail and still manage to play in the game? I’ve tried to do similar reports, but the details get completely lost.

        As for your running total–you have to start somewhere, right? I would love to know what I’ve spent over the past twenty years on my hobbies (though something tells me that I might be appalled at the number)–but that’s information that I’ll never be able to dig up. All I can know is from when I started counting: January of 2012. Something you may want to consider–in addition to publicly posting the data, is to do regular updates. While I post my numbers, I do it in a spot on the blog that almost nobody looks at. It would do a far better job of goading me if I posted even an annual report (something that I meant to do, but keep forgetting). The guy I took the concept from did them on a monthly basis. I’m not sure that any particular month I have is compelling enough to justify a post: anything I think is interesting I wind up making a post about anyway.

        On Thu, Apr 30, 2015 at 5:00 AM, Warhammer 39,9999 wrote:


      • I just ended up taking notes at the end of each phase for the important things that happened, I didn’t try to get everything down. Fortunately, there was plenty going on in the game, so I didn’t slow the whole game down with everyone waiting for me to finish writing and taking pictures! The regular breaks in game play and the mass of photos helped too. The game was a blast and I can’t wait to do it again, we try to get one or two big games in a year.
        I do like reading detailed battle reports, but after writing up a few I realise how much time it actually takes, even if you have extensive notes of the battle and do the write up soon after the battle. Plus, in a regular game, it can slow things down a lot.

        For the spending, I have a spreadsheet that I update every time I make a purchase that is gaming related. I really should put the info up on the blog, I liked when I saw it on your blog as I had never seen anything like that before on a gaming site and it can be interesting to see how much money, time and effort can go into this hobby.

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