The Team Tournament that Got Away

I’m not really a tournament kind of guy.  I’m not sure that I’ve really done any self-reflection as to why, but on the surface, I’d say:

  1. I try to avoid WAAC style “hardc0re” lists and, generally speaking, the sort of players that really enjoy that.   I think the ultra-competitive mindset really can bring out the worst in people.
  2. My goal of winning half of my games doesn’t play well in tournaments where the goal is supposed to be winning all of them.
  3. I’m old and slow, so playing 4-5 games in a day seems very rushed and, quite frankly, it’s hard on my knees and back (wow, I’m really old–did I just say that playing with toy soldiers is hard on my body?  But seriously, after a full day of 40k, it does bring up a bunch of aches).

Kurt There may be some latent fear of losing as well underneath things, but I really don’t think that’s a factor.  The above is probably a pretty comprehensive list.

Because of this, I haven’t played in a tournament since 2012, and the one before that was back in 1999.  I really don’t get out much, eh?

That doesn’t mean I begrudge others from playing in such events though.  By all means, if you’re into it, go play.  I even try to stop by all of the events that are run in my local city (that is to say, Eagle River, I don’t drive out to Dimond or Wasilla to view those events).  I do like to go out and see some folks I haven’t seen in years, meet some new faces, and see all of the pretty painted models.

This past weekend, there was a team tournament that played with the modified Adepticon rules.  I dismissed it, like all such events, but I did wind up discussing attendance with Brandon.  Mostly, it was in jest, but had he expressed any serious interest, I would’ve signed up.  We didn’t wind up playing though, but each of us went down and saw the event.  There were plenty of old and new faces and great looking models, and I wound up spending an hour walking around and talking to folks.  Now that it’s over, I do find myself almost regretting not attending.

I say almost because I had a rather eventful Saturday.  I cleaned up my gaming room; sold five transport cases to Brandon, mailed off a bunch of Magic: the Gathering cards to vendors, and even sold my Liber Chaotica books to an old friend.  On top of that, I wound up thatching the neighbor’s yard (he’s out of town tending to a sick child, and I figured it was the least I could do).  That’s more than I typically do in an entire weekend, so missing a game wasn’t that big of a deal–especially one I wasn’t sure I’d want to attend in the first place.

Looking back though, I do kind of wish I had attended.  I even went so far last night as to create a “competitive” Tyranid list:

Force 1:

  • Kurt2HQ:
    • Flyrant w/ Devourers
  • Elites:
    • 1x Zoanthrope
  • Troops:
    • 30x Termagants
    • Tervigon w/ Crushing Claws & Cluster Spines
  • Fast Attack:
    • Harpy w/ Cluster Spines
  • Heavy Support:
    • 1x Carnifex w/ Devourers

Force 2:

  • HQ:
    • Flyrant w/ Devourers
    • Flyrant w/ Devourers
  • Elites:
    • 1x Zoanthrope
  • Troops:
    • 30x Termagants
    • Tervigon w/ Cluster Spines
  • Fast Attack:
    • Harpy
  • Heavy Support:
    • Biovore

I said “competitive” before because it’s not the sort of list that I would normally run.  Looking at the lists at the tournament, I think it’s in league with them though.  People definitely chose harder lists than I would normally think are acceptable, so I wouldn’t feel so bad about fielding 3x Flyrants.  JustinThe Zoanthropes would give some punch and more nodes of synapse, while the Tervigons would help to ensure there were always enough units of troops to score objectives.

I think the list is pretty solid and would’ve had a reasonable chance of competing.  I do kind of wonder if we would’ve played, would we have run something like this–and, if so, how we would’ve faired.

Too late now, but I guess there’s always next year…

By the way, I should give a shout-out to Kurt, who won the tournament with his partner, Ted.  Great looking models, and they’re both seemingly good guys (I say that only because I didn’t meet Ted before yesterday, but the conversations I had with him made me believe him to be a pretty fantastic guy).  The pictures in this thread are of their armies and the force of a guy named Justin (new face to me as well).  They wound up posting pictures of their models on facebook, so I figured I’d include them here to liven up this wall of text.

Image Credit: Kurt & Justin.


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