Batrep: Orks vs. Ultramarines (1314 pts)

So, it’s been far too long since we’ve played 40k—mostly because our regular game night has gotten a little more diverse in those attending, and we’ve been playing more board games and the like. Anywho, with a drought of 40k, Brandon and I decided to throw down on a Thursday night instead. For lack of a better idea, we decided the points value to be 1314 (in honor of Pi day—the day we decided to schedule the game)…

Brandon’s Merk Army

  • IMG_0169HQ:
    • (warlord) Big Mek w/ Da Finkin’ Kap, ‘eavy armor, Kustom Force Field, Bosspole & Big CHoppa
    • Weirdboy (level 2)
    • Painboy
  • Elites:
    • 11x Burna Boyz in Trukk w/ Reinforced Ram
  • Troops:
    • 20x Shoota Boyz w/ 2x Big Shootaz, plus Boss Nob w/ Klaw & Pole
    • 20x Shoota Boyz w/ 2x Big Shootaz, plus Boss Nob w/ Klaw & Pole
    • 11x Boyz
  • Fast Attack:
    • 4x Deffkoptas
  • Heavy Support:
    • Deff Dread w/ Grot Riggers
    • Deff Dread w/ Grot Riggers
    • 3x Kanz w/ Grotzookas

After the fact, Brandon realized that he didn’t actually pay for the shootas on his boys, but that’s not what he fielded. Technically, he went over in points a bit, but I’m not sure it was at all decisive in the outcome, and it certainly wasn’t intentional. He gets a pass on that. Personally, I was happy to see he didn’t have a Warboss (those guys are plain nasty for the points cost), and figured I could address most everything in the list without too much trouble.

My Ultramarines:

  • IMG_0170HQ:
    • Librarian w/ Jump Pack
  • Troops:
    • 5x Scouts in Storm w/ Heavy Flamer
    • 10x Tactical Marines w/ Flamer & Lascannon
    • 10x Tactical Marines w/ Melta & Multi-melta in Drop Pod w/ Deathwind
  • Fast Attack:
    • 1x Attack Bike w/ Multi-melta
    • 1x Attack Bike w/ Multi-melta
    • 6x Assault Marines w/ one plasma pistol plus Veteran Sergeant w/ Melta Bombs & Power Axe
  • Heavy Support:
    • 10x Devastators w/ 2x Lascannons & 2x Plasma
    • 10x Devastators w/ 4x Missile Launchers
    • Whirlwind

I made this list with Battlescribe (a free ipad app), and it leaves something to be desired. I couldn’t find anywhere in there to give my HQ a jump pack, so I actually gave him an auspex and digital weapons to equal the points value. To my surprise, auspexes are pretty good—I almost wish I’d taken that as an option! The list creation was super-fluid. Of the total units I finished with, only the attack bikes were in the “original list.” I built the list up to 1000+ points and when I had 20 points leftover, I wound up scrapping entire units to make the final points work. This was right up until the moment Brandon arrived, where I swapped out a Dev squad w/ 4x Heavy Bolters for… heck, I don’t know. I know I upgraded them to missiles, but I can’t say where I salvaged those points. It was probably the Assault squad. That unit started as a 10 man strong unit w/ plasma pistols, etc. Whenever I tweaked something and needed just a few more points, they lost an option. It seems a little odd that I didn’t take any elites, but I guess that section isn’t as jam-packed with goodness as the Tyranid book is.

Mission & Deployment:

I really don’t know the names of the missions, but we wound up playing the one where you draw cards until your hand size is equal to the game turn, which also calls for short table edges as a deployment method. Brandon won the roll and opted to deploy/go first, and took the side with all of the good fields of fire to deny them to my devastators. It was a good strategy, and then he came to realize that he wasn’t required to come to me, and maybe he could just hold tight on the unbalanced amount of objectives on that side of the board? IMG_0173My side was truly not balanced because there were basically no places I could put my heavy weapons with decent line of sight that also had cover in my entire deployment zone. There was the possibility that I could put them in the Chapel on my right flank, but the LoS was really limited. As such, I wound up deploying them all pretty much out in the open, hoping that he didn’t have much high-AP shooting to deal with. For Warlord traits, I was able to re-roll any D3’s for random VP’s given by mission objectives (spoiler alert: I never used it), and he got two due to his use of the Finkin’ cap. One allowed him to re-roll charges/runs (which seemed very good to me), and the other? I think he was able to re-roll reserves? I don’t rightfully recall. Anywho, I attempted to sieze the initiative and failed miserably, so he took the first turn.

Turn 1: Orks

IMG_0177Though his intent during deployment was to deny me the cover and then to hold tight and let me come to him, something in his mind snapped in a decidedly Orky fashion and he opted to charge my lines with his entire army (aside from the kopta’s, who had opted to outflank). He took some pot shots with various units–doing very little damage with most of them–except for the grotzookas.  I never thought Orks had very good shooting, but those guns really tore my units a new one.  The saving grace was that they didn’t eliminate my armor saves, but I rolled badly enough that they didn’t make much difference.  He did kill a fair number of marines, but not enough to earn a kill point. Elsewhere, his trukk full of burnas moved alarmingly fast and was able to snag an objective on my side of the board, allowing him to score the first victory points of the game.

Score: Orks 1 vs. Ultramarines 0

Turn 1: Ultramarines

My initial deployment was fairly far forward and in the open, thinking I was going to have to go to work advancing my units; however, when he changed tactics and came running at me, it left me a little confused.  My first thought was to backpedal and get away from him, but I had so many heavy weapons.  I did wind up using my Devastator doctrine to allow me to be more accurate, and basically unloaded everything I had into a combination of the Kans (with their grotzookas) and the Burnaz in the trukk. IMG_0179The forcefield on that mek proved to be too much for me though, as I managed to merely scratch two of the kans, despite pouring a lot of penetrating hits into them.  Brandon was just hot on his saves, which was a little disheartening.  The boyz in the trukk though, weren’t so lucky.  The first lascannon popped it and exploded it, allowing my plasma cannons to fire in and cause heavy casualties (to the Orks and to themselves–darned overheating).  This eventually lead to the Orks breaking and running. Otherwise, I did get first blood this turn by popping the weirdboy with a well placed whirlwind shot.  He just didn’t have enough boyz around for him to successfully look out, sir to.  The objective I was supposed to claim was the one that was occupied by his burnaz, and I didn’t want to risk half a devastator squad to advance and contest/claim it (only to be charged next turn), so I was content to end the turn with just the first blood point.

 Score: Orks 1 vs. Ultramarines 0 + 1

Turn 2: Orks

IMG_0181Again, the Orks advanced, along with a rallied bunch of burnaz and some newly arrived Defkoptas.  Without the Weirdboy, they were lacking in some ranged punch, but the Grotzookas were able to peel away all of the excess devastators without Missile Launchers.  The kopta’s had hoped to shoot at the whirlwind, but had come in on the wrong side and instead ripped apart the forward most devastators who were hoping to take the statue objective.  They killed them, save for one lone soldier, who couldn’t take it and ran away. In combat, one dread made the charge into a squad of marines and did enough damage to force them to break away–leaving himself open to several meltaguns in the process… On the bright side, he did score another two objectives that turn.

Score: Orks 3 vs. Ultramarines 0 + 1

Turn 2: Ultramarines

My broken soldier had regrouped and advanced towards the statue cautiously.  I positioned both of my attack bikes in a way so that they could get rear shots on his dread, or they could scurry away to grab it, should the broken marine prove to be too cowardly (he had run far enough away in the previous phase that he was going to need a lucky run roll of a 4+ to get back within scoring range–which he wound up doing). IMG_0185The first shot of the turn was from a meltagun who escaped the deff dread in the previous turn.  That shot was enough to kill him (and wound a nearby attack bike in the ensuing explosion, if you can believe that), so that left the two attack bikes with impunity to shoot whatever they wanted. In total, I had my Lascannons, Missile Launchers, Multi-meltas, and plasma pistol firing into the kanz, and I don’t know that I did a sound hull point of damage that turn.  Well, I could be mis-remembering.  Perhaps I did zero hull points in the previous turn?   Whatever the case, with most of my army firing at those kanz, I only managed to do two hull points (killing zero cans, mind you) in two turns of shooting.  Fearing another volley from them, my assault marines wound up charging in and wiping the squad out! Elsewhere, my drop pod came down in the back of his army, and unloaded on the Mek boy’z squad.  I did a fair number of casualties, but not enough to hurt his warlord. On the plus side, I was able to secure two objectives to keep the score tied up.

Score: Orks 3 vs. Ultramarines 2 + 1

Turn 3: Orks

IMG_0188Not caring for my drop pod shenanigans, he collapsed two full boyz mobs and a dreadnought on my tactical squad and drop pod.  Though the marines were fairly steadfast, they didn’t hold up well to that kind of abuse.  Both squads had survivors that were stuck in combat, but the pod exploding to the dread caused all sorts of damage and eventually freed up one of his squads.  In combat, I wasn’t able to kill the kan, and was stuck for another round. Elsewhere, the koptas peppered my devs with more rokkets before charging in.  Likewise, his other dread–fresh from killing my pod–managed to make a charge into my assault marines (which I felt was particularly sad, because somehow those marines seemed like a pretty vital resource to me at this point in the game). Sadly, his objectives were to defeat a character in combat and to eliminate squads in assault as well–neither of which he managed to do, but he was certainly threatening to do both in the next turn.

Score: Orks 3 vs. Ultramarines 2 + 1

Turn 3: Ultramarines

In the previous turn, I’d wiped out the rest of his boyz attending to his mek, so he wound up joining the squad of burnaz.  During this psychic phase, I wound up instilling fear into them and forcing them to route–which is something they essentially were doing all game. IMG_0191Otherwise, I had too many models in combat’s they were unlikely to win, so I started committing more units to help them out.  Against the dread, I wound up charging in half a tactical squad (that would surely be enough, right?).  I managed to do enough hits to him to get him down to a single hull point, but he was able to kill basically everything in assault against him except for my warlord (don’t ask me how he split his attacks into the two squads to cause that much damage–I’m not recalling how that happened). Against the koptas, I charged most everything else I had: devs, tactical marines, & bikes.  We traded blows in that combat, so I was unable to break him. My scouts surged forward to hold an objective, foolishly thinking they were survivable in a fast moving skimmer (see “What I Learned” below).  Needless to say, it wouldn’t end well for them… I did score one point for holding objective six, but it seemed pretty clear that the battle was going to come down to the epic struggle of librarian vs. dread.

Score: Orks 3 vs. Ultramarines 3 + 1

Turn 4: Orks

For shooting, he had only a squad of Burnaz (which was regrouping, so they had no real targets to shoot at) and two squads of “shoota boyz” that unloaded on the storm–but weren’t able to do that second hull point in damage.  So, we quickly moved onto the assault phase. IMG_0195The boyz surrounded the speeder on both sides, and blew it up, causing some damage to themselves, but eradicating the scout squad inside (sorry boys).  I had thought emergency disembarkation worked differently, but I’m sure I was confusing that with an earlier edition.  Come to think of it, I’m not sure I’ve seen someone attempt that rule in 7th? Anywho, the battle with the dread ended up (luckily) in my favor.  In total, I had three attacks that hit on 3’s, and glanced on 6’s.  Statistically, that’s about an 11% chance per swing.  Over three dice, those really aren’t horrible odds to pop that dread, but luck was definitely with me for that roll.  In truth, that probably was the game winner there.  Had Brandon won that combat, he’d have gotten slay the warlord, plus he had the objective to kill my warlord (d3 points) and would’ve gotten another point for killing a character in that combat.  In total, that was an extra 5 points there; instead, I walked away with no extra points myself, but I did get to keep my psyker. The combat with the deffkoptas ended in another stalemate, though he did try to pull a hit-and-run on me.  With initiative 2, that just didn’t happen though..

Score: Orks 4 vs. Ultramarines 3 + 1

Turn 4: Ultramarines

IMG_0200With his boyz bunched up in the backfield, my whirlwind was able to rain terror on them, crippling one squad down to two models (who broke and ran) and taking out a good deal of models from the other squad.  Most everything else I had was in combat with the defkoptas, but they wound up causing just enough wounds to cause a break-test and won that combat, running down the greenskins in the process. They were then able to consolidate forward far enough to grab one more objective point. From our notes, it looks like we called it there.  We didn’t roll to end the game, but I had enough units still alive and advancing forward, and he was down to just two controllable units (not including the one unit that would require snake-eyes, aka. “insane courage” to regroup).  We did peak at the upcoming objective cards to see if it was possible for him to pull it out, but they weren’t going to help. We did a “what if” as well trying to determine what would’ve happened if he had beaten my librarian, and that did not look so good for me.  I don’t think it would’ve been realistically possible for me to have pulled it out then.  Granted, I could’ve easily killed the dread with the remaining heavy weapons I had, but the upcoming cards just weren’t high scoring enough for me to have made up that point differential.

Score: Orks 4 vs. Ultramarines 4 + 1

What I Learned:

Oh boy, what didn’t I learn?  Well, for starters, it’s that you have to keep on top of this stuff or you get rusty.  There are a lot of things that I just didn’t recall properly, including:

  1. Vehicles are treated as having WS0 or WS1 in combat (depending upon whether they had moved).  I dropped my storm into the heart of his army, thinking that he was going to need 6’s to hit me, but that just isn’t the case in this edition.
  2. Emergency Disembarkation = if surrounded, you’re dead.  These used to state that you could get out on top of the vehicle, but in 7th, they say you can get out of any point of the vehicle and move away.  In this case, the vehicle was completely surrounded by orks, so I wound up losing the entire squad inside.
  3. Trukks are fast.  I learned how fast jetbikes were in an earlier batrep, but I didn’t realize that Trukks are almost as fast (and, to a lesser extent, bikes too).  Turbo-boosting can really help you snag objectives.
  4. Grotzooka’s hurt.  Orks aren’t supposed to have effective shooting, are they?  Well, those little blasts of doom sure tore apart my units…
  5. I should think about my Ultramarines Tactics when deploying–specifically with devastators.  Though there wasn’t a lot of good terrain immediately in my deployment zone, it would’ve been wise to consider placing them up front so they could advance into terrain while firing their heavy weapons on the first turn.

3 comments on “Batrep: Orks vs. Ultramarines (1314 pts)

  1. Armies look great guys! What’s the terrain next to the bridge under the turn 2 pictures? It looks like a neat wall.

    Need to start playing more 40k again – went to a tournament last weekend and got totally stomped.

    • That’s a wall set from Quantum Gothic. It’s really great terrain (particularly the missile launcher piece), but it’s definitely pricey (well, I guess with the dollar doing better, it isn’t as bad as it once was). I wound up buying a used lot full of it on ebay once, and I’ve never bothered to paint it up. Perhaps one day.

      You’re welcome to come out any Friday that we have games–although we’re not doing so good at actually playing 40k. Hopefully that changes this week!

      On Thu, Apr 2, 2015 at 8:18 AM, Warhammer 39,9999 wrote:


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