Painting Progress: Whirlwinds

wh39kWhirlwindSometime in December, I wound up painting up my whirlwind turrets.  I don’t remember exactly when, but I do recall having recently completed a project (perhaps the Legion of the Damned?) and wanting something small and quick to paint to keep up my end-of-year efficiency.

So, I reached for these turrets.  I thought that I had three of them, but apparently I was wrong, which made them paint about 33% faster!

There’s really not much to these, so they did go quick.  I did run into a dilemma though.  You see, the last time I really painted a vehicle for my Ultramarines army was probably my Ironclad dreadnought, back in 2009 (can that be right?).  It’s either that or the rhinos I painted, but I don’t know when that happened, so it’s probably about right.

It appears that since that time, my color choices for the Ultramarines have drifted significantly.  My highlighting of the blue has gotten a little more extreme, and the yellows have gone completely over the top.  I used to paint them primarily orange and blend them up to bad moon yellow.  Now, I almost completely remove the orange from the equation and take it up another step to some VMC yellow that’s almost a white.  I think both look fine on their own, but it doesn’t run into a bit of a snag when my turrets are colored significantly different than the rhino chassis they’re on.  Sadly, I didn’t take a picture of this, but I’m sure to make a post on this again in the future.

So, on that note, I’ll leave these as “finished,” and know that I might have to go back and darken those yellows (or perhaps lighten those on my rhinos).  We’ll see if either of those ever happens…

wh39kOrkz (12)

5 comments on “Painting Progress: Whirlwinds

  1. Well, they look great. I like the highlight color choices you’re using now. That’s always an issue with an army though, color changes over time. Generally we all evolve as painters and so does our painting recipes. Ideally it’s just one unit looks a bit different from another but there is the problem you have/had of doing parts to fit older models. I would keep the turrets as is and, if you ever find the time – as you eluded to, rework the vehicles to match. No sense in doing retro painting methods, better to bring the old versions up to the current standard.

    • Came here to say this^. I’ve found that my technique seems to evolve a little every unit with me experimenting trying to find that balance of time/effort/aesthetic. Reworking old models becomes tiresome quickly but maintaining that unifying look can be crucial for the feel of an army.

      • Maybe one day I’ll go back and retouch stuff up. Presently, I’m not sure it’s different enough to justify as it still looks pretty cohesive to me, and there are plenty of more things I should be painting…

        On Wed, Feb 4, 2015 at 10:25 AM, Warhammer 39,9999 wrote:


  2. I remember building a Whirlwind conversion from some scraps, a Rhino kit and the instructions from an issue of White Dwarf. Good times, back in the day.

  3. An easy technique to help models “match” up with one another a bit better….weathering! Giving them a splash of mud, or some sponge chipping can bring a new color tone into the combination, which helps them look like they belong together.

    It also reinforces that maybe the whirlwind turret was possibly blown off previously (some cool metal wear on the top of the tank with skorch marks could reinforce this) and has been newly replaced!

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