Dimachaeron Assembly

Don’t ask me why, but I bought more bugs.

wh39kDimachaeron (2) (Medium)It’s probably best left up to a momentary lapse of reason–I’m not sure how else you can explain this.  Why else would I mysteriously just buy a Dimachaeron to paint up?

Oh wait, I think it was because I had purchased some more Mieotic Spores (to be used as Mucolid Spores), and while I was placing the order, I figured I might as well buy a couple of these things.  I guess I was being a completionist or something–who knows what was going on in my head.  I did wind up giving one away as a Christmas present, so at least that part didn’t count against my hobby spending for the year (in case you haven’t looked in a while, I did horribly in 2014).

And that wasn’t even the worst of it.  For some reason, I went completely off my rocker and purchased six more carnifexen (man, I can’t ever come up with a good word to make that plural).  Whatever will I do with 9 of those bastards?  For my own sake, I hope that I don’t have to purchase additional magnets to make them work…

But that aside, I did buy one of these Dimachaerons and I figured that I might as well assemble it.  This particular kit doesn’t appear to be of Forgeworld origin, but the looks of it, I’d say it was made more East… perhaps the Far East.

wh39kDimachaeron (1) (Medium)The quality is still there though, so no complaints.  Since I magnetize everything, and several parts of the model look as if they’re prone to breaking.   For that reason, I didn’t assemble everything as intended.  For example, he’s supposed to have little flesh-flails coming out of his hands that I completely left off.  Likewise, the spike coming out of his belly is supposed to be about twice as long, but I figured it was only asking for problems to put the whole thing on.

I don’t think it changes the overall aesthetic of the model–at least not drastically, but I suspect he’ll be far more resilient to normal wear and tear because of it.

One problem with getting models from–less than completely scrupulous vendors–is that they don’t come with instructions.  As luck would have it, some goodly person had uploaded them to photobucket.  Not that it was an incredibly detailed build or particularly hard to figure out, but as an organic beast, there were a few parts that I had questions about.

Anywho, now that this is assembled, I’m off to glue together carnifeces–or whatever it is you call them.  And then I get to look forward to dipping–again… for the last time… again…



4 comments on “Dimachaeron Assembly

  1. That’s a cool model; never seen it before.

    Why do you insist on tracking your spending when it has no impact on your spending? 😉

    The dipping only stops when you stop purchasing Tyranids and I see that happening never 🙂

  2. From those pictures I actually quite like the sculpt on the head and overall the dtail looks particularly sharp [all things considered. The need to have one keeps cropping up in my own head but I kind of like all the Tervigon kitbashes that are nearly as good, and you get the extra bits too 😉

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